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invite someone into some place

 and invite someone in
to bid or request someone to enter a place. Don't leave Dan out there in the rain. Invite him into the house! Oh, do invite in the children!
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invite someone out

to ask someone out on a date. I would love to invite you out sometime. If I did, would you go? Has he ever invited out a girl on a date?
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invite someone over (for something)

to bid or request someone to come to one's house for something, such as a meal, party, chat, cards, etc. Let's invite Tony and Nick over for dinner. Let's invite over some new people.
See also: invite, over

invite someone to something

to bid or request someone to come to an event. Shall we invite Sally to the party? I didn't invite her. She invited herself to this affair.
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We are inviting the whole family,'' joked Antonio Gonzalez, president of the William C.
Two biblical metaphors form the basis for understanding cross-cultural mission: breaking down dividing walls and inviting all to the banquet.
Hold a read-a-thon, inviting local students, teachers, journalists and community leaders to participate.
However, the Court found that the reporters were not present for any purpose reasonably related to the execution of the warrant and, thus, the officers exceeded the authority of the warrant by inviting the media to take part.
Because when you invite someone to dine with you in your home--or anywhere--you are inviting her or him to partake in your shared humanity, together.
Under this rubric, instead of inviting, at any cost, one artist from every country, we emphasized a strong polemical and political discussion about globalization, while privileging cultural areas, or cultural practices, that do not fit within the classical exhibition framework.
Inviting private citizens whose presence is not necessary to the execution of the warrant to join the search party is a failure of public trust--one that indicates a disregard of the important values at stake when the government enters a person's home.
So, whether you call it an inviting entry or curb appeal, it's all about having a bigger welcome mat than the neighbors.
The session can be expanded by inviting others, thereby providing a real-time, text communication medium.
Two-thirds of the men were sent letters inviting them to be tested for prostate cancer and the rest were not.
11, 2001, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is inviting the public to attend its two special ceremonies to remember and reflect about these events one year later," said Lydia H.
In a handwritten note, Clinton himself suggested inviting supporters to stay overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom as part of a fund-raising plan.
During the conversation, King invited Modell to the match and then hatched the idea of inviting the whole team.
EPA will hang a giant banner, inviting everyone to celebrate Earth Day, on its New York City headquarters at 290 Broadway (Between Reade and Duane Streets, one block north of City Hall).
Hal McClure's Ireland,'' a full-length color travel film, will highlight Ireland's inviting countryside and interesting attractions including medieval castles, the ancestral home of John F.