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invite someone into some place

 and invite someone in
to bid or request someone to enter a place. Don't leave Dan out there in the rain. Invite him into the house! Oh, do invite in the children!
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invite someone out

to ask someone out on a date. I would love to invite you out sometime. If I did, would you go? Has he ever invited out a girl on a date?
See also: invite, out

invite someone over (for something)

to bid or request someone to come to one's house for something, such as a meal, party, chat, cards, etc. Let's invite Tony and Nick over for dinner. Let's invite over some new people.
See also: invite, over

invite someone to something

to bid or request someone to come to an event. Shall we invite Sally to the party? I didn't invite her. She invited herself to this affair.
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BEIRUT: Future MP Bahia Hariri said she would set a trend of inviting patriotic and moderate figures to meetings of the Sidon School Network, after inviting Shiite scholar Hani Fahs to a board meeting Monday, the National News Agency reported.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE has blasted Masters organisers for inviting three Asian players to compete in next week's event for commercial reasons.
Organizers are inviting leaders from across the political spectrum to Los Angeles -- the country's Latino epicenter -- to draft an agenda for strengthening immigrant rights, health care and education.
The Windsor Report, released by the Lambeth Commission on Communion last October 2004, had also urged Archbishop Williams to "exercise very reasonable caution in inviting or admitting to the councils of Communion" Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the church's first openly gay bishop, citing "widespread unacceptability of his ministry in other provinces.
Bring him into the inner workings of the parish by inviting him to be a speaker and to come visit various parish groups.
On March 31, Frist sent letters inviting his colleagues to a "private tour of the U.
And it would be grossly hyperbolic to assert that the organizers of the Bilderberg Conference can control the outcome of a presidential election merely by inviting promising politicos to attend their meetings.
By inviting all the child finalists to a multi-day event in Washington DC, we provide them with a special opportunity: the chance to meet children from around the world who share the same passion for the arts.
Two different but complementary biblical metaphors form the basis for understanding cross-cultural mission: (1) breaking down dividing walls and (2) inviting all to the banquet table.
Sleepovers aren't about nametags and get-to-know-you games, so avoid inviting a gal who's never met your crew.
We educate by inviting a guest speaker who addresses the theme the selected culture has chosen.
ACA has prepared a Congressional Tool Kit, a step-by-step guide to inviting your elected officials and the media to visit your camp this summer.
Before reaching the question of qualified immunity, the Supreme Court first considered whether the underlying action of inviting the media to enter private premises [7] to observe the execution of a warrant amounted to a constitutional violation.
Don't underestimate the power of inviting someone to partake in one of the most essential practices of life: chowing down