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invite (one or oneself) over (for something)

1. For someone to offer one entrance to the place where they live. Mom, can I invite some friends over? I already invited Kelly over for dinner tonight—do you want to come too?
2. To visit the place where one lives despite not having been invited. Usually conveys a sense of intrusion. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "invite" and "to." Can you believe Jeanne just invited herself over and stayed for three hours? So annoying!
See also: invite, over

invite (one) out

To ask one to go on a date. Bill still hasn't invited me out—maybe he doesn't have romantic feelings for me after all.
See also: invite, out

invite (someone or oneself) to (something)

1. To offer someone the opportunity to attend something. Amber invited me to her party, but I already have plans that day, unfortunately.
2. To attend something despite not having been invited by the host. Usually conveys a sense of intrusion. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "invite" and "to." Of course I didn't invite Kelly—she invited herself to the mall with us!
See also: invite, to

invite (someone) in

To offer someone entrance to some place. Is that Dave and Jean I hear? Invite them in, I'll be down in a minute! Oh, your mother invited us in—I hope that's all right.
See also: invite

invite (someone) into (some place)

To offer someone entrance to some place. Molly invited us into her new house, and let me tell you, it's quite lovely.
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invite someone into some place

 and invite someone in
to bid or request someone to enter a place. Don't leave Dan out there in the rain. Invite him into the house! Oh, do invite in the children!
See also: invite, place

invite someone out

to ask someone out on a date. I would love to invite you out sometime. If I did, would you go? Has he ever invited out a girl on a date?
See also: invite, out

invite someone over (for something)

to bid or request someone to come to one's house for something, such as a meal, party, chat, cards, etc. Let's invite Tony and Nick over for dinner. Let's invite over some new people.
See also: invite, over

invite someone to something

to bid or request someone to come to an event. Shall we invite Sally to the party? I didn't invite her. She invited herself to this affair.
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