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invite someone into some place

 and invite someone in
to bid or request someone to enter a place. Don't leave Dan out there in the rain. Invite him into the house! Oh, do invite in the children!
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invite someone out

to ask someone out on a date. I would love to invite you out sometime. If I did, would you go? Has he ever invited out a girl on a date?
See also: invite, out

invite someone over (for something)

to bid or request someone to come to one's house for something, such as a meal, party, chat, cards, etc. Let's invite Tony and Nick over for dinner. Let's invite over some new people.
See also: invite, over

invite someone to something

to bid or request someone to come to an event. Shall we invite Sally to the party? I didn't invite her. She invited herself to this affair.
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References in classic literature ?
Every body invited, was certainly to come; Frank had already written to Enscombe to propose staying a few days beyond his fortnight, which could not possibly be refused.
But when you are invited to hunt the shark in its natural element, you would perhaps reflect before accepting the invitation.
Stuart made a merit of necessity, and invited them to help themselves.
After spending some time in Antwerp, we were invited to go with a part of a half-dozen persons on a trip through Holland.
They sure play an almighty big game down here," was his conclusion, accompanied by a corresponding elation that it was just precisely that almighty big game in which he was about to be invited to play a hand.
It's on the twenty-first, remember," he continued; "and if you'll just see that I'm invited I'll find a way to cross the Dreadful Desert into the marvelous Land of Oz.
Germaine's friends, all married men, had been invited with their wives to meet Mr.
A RICH MAN gave a great feast, to which he invited many friends and acquaintances.
AN Ingenious Man who had built a flying-machine invited a great concourse of people to see it go up.
If I had not cajoled those three deputies they might have wanted La Billardiere's place themselves; whereas, now that I have invited them here, they will be ashamed to do so and will become our supporters instead of rivals.
I was invited before clubs and organisations of all sorts to deliver my message.
I am invited to tea at the manse tomorrow afternoon
People who in former years habitually called upon me and invited me--or who, in the event of my absence, habitually wrote to me at this season--have abstained with a remarkable unanimity from calling, inviting, or writing now.
This was what I meant when I spoke of impressions which invited the intellect, or the reverse--those which are simultaneous with opposite impressions, invite thought; those which are not simultaneous do not.
In a little more than an hour, all his friends were invited.