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invest in someone or something

to put resources into someone or something in hopes of increasing the value of the person or thing. (The emphasis is on the act of investing.) We invested in Tom, and we have every right to expect a lot from him. She invested in junk bonds heavily.
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invest someone's time in something

Fig. to put one's time, effort, or energy into a project. Mary invests her time in charity work. I invested five weeks of my time building this model ship.
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invest someone with something

to endow someone with something, such as power or privilege. The constitution invests the vice president with the authority to act on the president's behalf in certain conditions. The state has invested me with the authority to unite this couple in marriage.
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invest something in someone or something

1. to put money, time, effort, etc., into someone or something, hoping for a return. We will invest time and effort in Fred and make him into a recording star. Sharon invested a lot of money in the stock market.
2. to place power or authority under control of someone or something. The constitution has invested certain powers in the federal government and left the rest to the states. The law invests the power to arrest criminals in the sheriffs department.
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invest in

1. To commit money or capital to something in order to gain a financial return: We lost a lot of the money we had invested in the stock market last year. We invested $1,000 in stocks.
2. To spend money or time on something that will be beneficial in the future: Since winter is coming up, you might want to invest in a good coat.
3. To commit oneself to some purpose. Used reflexively: The teachers invested themselves in improving the school's curriculum.
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invest with

1. To grant someone some power or authority: The state invests a justice of the peace with the authority to perform marriages. I am invested with the task of fixing the computers.
2. To attribute to someone or something some enveloping or pervasive quality: I invested my friend with virtues that turned out to be products of my own imagination.
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Smaller endowments, on the other hand, will usually invest in pools organized by a real estate investment company.
The solution: Invest in an efficient market, which lessens risk and increases the likelihood of return.
In August 1997, the former Bell Atlantic employee began investing in the AIM Constellation Fund (CSTGX), using dollar-cost averaging, a system through which you invest money at regular intervals over time.
Please carefully read the prospectus before you invest or send money.
We use our expertise to make decisions about the companies we invest in.
The Claymore/Zacks Yield Hog ETF is the first distribution-optimized ETF and the first ETF to invest in an index that can invest in traditional preferred securities, master limited partnerships ("MLPs") and closed-end funds.
She used $1,500 of the contest winnings (plus additional funds) to invest in the stock She also owns 24 shares of AT&T Corp.
Harris Financial Planning Services in New York City, offers the following guidelines: Everyone should invest 5% to 10% of their take-home pay.
The Fund invests between $250,000 and $2,000,000 in mid-continent technology companies with hyper-growth potential.
But investing for a child's education poses a dilemma: should you invest in the child's name or your own?
Fund manager Chris Boyd says the fund invests in companies that have strong earnings growth.
AIM Structured Growth Fund invests in "growth" stocks, which tend to be more sensitive to changes in their earnings and can be more volatile than other types of stocks.
Safeguard invests in publicly and nonpublicly traded companies.
Indeed, it only invests in eight different companies: American Family Corp.