invest (someone) with (something)

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invest (someone) with (something)

1. To give someone or something authority. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "invest" and "with." Don't invest that madman with power!
2. To believe that someone possesses a particular trait or quality. Any time you have a crush on someone, you end up investing them with all kinds of great qualities that they don't actually have.
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invest someone with something

to endow someone with something, such as power or privilege. The constitution invests the vice president with the authority to act on the president's behalf in certain conditions. The state has invested me with the authority to unite this couple in marriage.
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invest with

1. To grant someone some power or authority: The state invests a justice of the peace with the authority to perform marriages. I am invested with the task of fixing the computers.
2. To attribute to someone or something some enveloping or pervasive quality: I invested my friend with virtues that turned out to be products of my own imagination.
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