invest in

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invest something in someone or something

1. to put money, time, effort, etc., into someone or something, hoping for a return. We will invest time and effort in Fred and make him into a recording star. Sharon invested a lot of money in the stock market.
2. to place power or authority under control of someone or something. The constitution has invested certain powers in the federal government and left the rest to the states. The law invests the power to arrest criminals in the sheriffs department.
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invest in someone or something

to put resources into someone or something in hopes of increasing the value of the person or thing. (The emphasis is on the act of investing.) We invested in Tom, and we have every right to expect a lot from him. She invested in junk bonds heavily.
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invest in

1. To commit money or capital to something in order to gain a financial return: We lost a lot of the money we had invested in the stock market last year. We invested $1,000 in stocks.
2. To spend money or time on something that will be beneficial in the future: Since winter is coming up, you might want to invest in a good coat.
3. To commit oneself to some purpose. Used reflexively: The teachers invested themselves in improving the school's curriculum.
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So insurers were very tempted to invest in those, but the issue has been what provision they could make for defaults," he said.
The downside is that you can invest in only a limited number of companies through NAIC.
Even among non-owners, 17% say they are at least somewhat likely to invest in SMAs over the next year.
The Arkeia Partner JumpStart Program is the first step in this new strategy, and we will continue to invest in the channel in 2006 and beyond.
Apax Partners' Funds invest in companies across its global sectors of Tech & Telecoms, Retail & Consumer, Media, Healthcare and Financial & Business Services.
OFS continues to invest in its growing Connectivity business through increased R&D staff focusing on the emerging FTTx area, as well as expanded production capacity at its Carrollton, Georgia operation to support demand for multifiber products like MPOs and pre-terminated offers to support FTTx and data centers.
Newly released versions of each solution optimize the value that thousands invest in HEAT and/or GoldMine by providing workers with "everywhere" access via a Web browser, and reducing the costs associated with administering desktop resources.
This strength, combined with the feedback of top reference customers, convinced us to invest in Aventeon.
Euronet plans to use the proceeds to repay debt and/or invest in new business.
Our partnership with Creekridge will help physicians and hospitals invest in needed assets without exhausting their capital," says David Bounk, CEO and president of the MMIC Group.
CSR will use the funds raised to expand market activities and further invest in the development of its single-chip Bluetooth solution and complimentary wireless communications technologies.
The synergy we gain with Celartem will enable us to further invest in the creative professional market and bring our users more of the exciting products that they have come to expect.
is a fund and participation company, which offers a platform for stakeholders to invest in start-up and high-growth potential ventures.
This presents a challenge for businesses: how to provide employees with secure file access and the ability to easily share files without having to invest in complex content or document management solutions for this growing population of users.