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inveigle someone into something

to coax or trick someone into doing something. We tried to inveigle her into attending, but she caught on to us. I was inveigled into doing it.
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inveigle someone out of something

to deceive someone into giving something up. Are you trying to inveigle me out of my money? I was inveigled out of my money by a common thief.
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inveigle something out of someone

to get something away from someone, usually by deception or persuasion. They inveigled a large donation out of Mrs. Smith. The crooks tried to inveigle a fortune out of the old lady.
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Also, while assigning categories of urgency to the visa process may be a logical way to tackle the rush, it is important to ensure that these decisions are fully governed by logic and not seen to be a means to inveigle people to part with more money.
Attempting to capture them in real life wasn't always a happy experience: 'I do wish that people who write books, and inveigle one into this sort of tour, would speak the truth,' complained one would-be buffalo-hunter.
William Clark, attempted to inveigle and bribe Crazy Horse into cooperating with invasion, as officials had done with others, but Crazy Horse refused to countenance lies and double-dealing.
Other emails try to inveigle full bank details out of recipients, supposedly so funds can be transferred into the account.
This is now so well recognized by other governments that when they try to inveigle New Delhi into signing up for something they look for some innocuous paragraph or line to sacrifice to India.
On Sunday afternoon and Monday evening - the group will unveil this 1962 story of a professor and his wife who inveigle a young couple into their daunting and alcohol-fuelled power games.
Still holed up in his caravan, Sweeney orders henchmen Hatton and Cully to step up the pressure on DS Gary Tate - who responds by trying to inveigle Pauline into revealing Colin and Howie's whereabouts.
218) As a result, to inveigle or decoy a victim across state lines, there must be "restraint," there must be some level of control and there must be either accompaniment or a threat.
No small matter for youngish readers, these books feel comfortable in the hand and the color covers inveigle readers to pick them up and turn the pages.
Moreover, no one has shown how prions inveigle their harmless, normal counterparts in the body to become prions themselves, nor has anyone described the function of those normal proteins.
A Pakistani journalist recently averred that closer economic ties between contiguous Indian and Pakistani territories was a clever Indian ploy to inveigle Islamabad into confederation with New Delhi.
Said journalist was next seen pretending to be a relative of Whittaker's so he could inveigle himself into the care home of her dementia-sufferer Dad - something no regional reporter would ever do, for both ethical reasons and the fact you might Jodie Whittaker in Trust Me as well set fire to your contacts book - your professional reputation in the community would most certainly be in ashes as a result.
But while Marcos wanted an independent-foreign-policy sheen to his rule, it was, in fact, a way to inveigle greater support from Washington.
Always have, since I was a child and we had to play musical chairs (now mercifully banned by Elfin Safety) and spar with someone's faintly sinister uncle, who would desperately try to inveigle us into saying a forbidden word like "sausages".