inveigh against

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inveigh against someone or something

to attack someone or something verbally. Why must you always inveigh against Dan whenever I mention his name? Stop inveighing against the government all the time.
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Quite as the 1920s Klan inveighed against alcoholic beverages and the looser sexual code (premarital sex, bobbed hair, short skirts, jazz music, divorce), so do the preachers of the 1980s religious right inveigh against drugs (now illegal), and the looser sexual code: abortion, homesexuality, pornography, "living together," and even rock-and-roll dancing and country music, which are inspired by Satan (As Swaggert says on national television).
In a play in which characters constantly inveigh against greed and mendacity, Maggie may well be the greediest and most mendacious of the lot.
Back I went to the typewriter to inveigh against Walter Mondale, and yet I had that.
McCain, a controversial figure who constantly inveighs against feminism, was removed for violating Twitter's terms of service, which prohibit harassment.
Dewhurst got "Cruzed" last year - the voguish term for what happens to a traditional Republican when a populist conservative runs to their political right and inveighs against the traditionalists.
And if only it were plain tobacco in "plain tobacco packaging" that your contributor inveighs the government for with his king-size attitude to civil liberties which take no account of others.
Wood inveighs against the use of modern political views to analyze those who lived in prior eras.
That sounds like the ''old politics'' that Obama inveighs against.
Bunge illustrates his account with many specific examples from historical and contemporary scientific inquiry (indeed, he periodically inveighs against philosophers of science who prefer analyzing other philosophers of science to examining actual scientific research in the wild); however, these examples function not simply as illustrations of the concepts at work in his system but, as is consistent with his endorsement of scientific methodology in dealing with philosophical issues, also serve as empirical data supporting his philosophical hypotheses.
Offit also inveighs against bad science in the courtroom, citing among several examples the case of an effective vaccine for Lyme disease that was withdrawn from the market in 2002 after the manufacturer came under legal attack on extremely dubious scientific grounds.
This kind of dehumanization is precisely what Rice wants not to do as he inveighs against what he regards as the white West's self-deceptions.
In the third section of the book, Rivka Feldhay's "Recent Narratives on Galileo and The Church or The Three Dogmas of the Counter-Reformation," inveighs against scholars and their use of totalitarian, fundamentalist, and fictionalist categories to interpret Counter-Reformation theologians and astronomers at the time of Galileo.
McWhorter inveighs against "BET" and "hip hop," and considers the problems of black students named Dwayne and Tomika, while addressing the shortcomings of Kwanzaa--but all from a distance that suggests his primary exposure wasn't gleaned from media or human practice, but as primary research.
He inveighs against the premature sexualisation of children and their commercial exploitation by firms such as the Disney Corporation.
Quite hypocritically, that entire gang inveighs against