invasion of privacy

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invasion of (someone's) privacy

Fig. an intrusion that results in the loss of someone's privacy. Your invasion of my privacy is not welcome! The athlete complained about the invasion of his privacy by the press.
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The reason invasion of privacy is often difficult to prove is that the plaintiff must show the defendant acted willfully and either knew or should have known the result of its actions.
Censorship and the invasion of privacy experienced by the Princeton students are just two of the methods employed by Opus Dei to control the lives of their members.
Pennsylvania, for example, prohibits the recording of conversations and listening in on employee telephone calls as an invasion of privacy, but allows employers to listen to employee calls to carry out a legitimate business function, e.
The plaintiff has not cited any statute allowing her to sue the city for invasion of privacy," Sullivan wrote.
Thanks to Barbara Dority for a wonderful piece on the invasion of privacy in the United States ("Your Every Move," January/February 2004 issue of the Humanist).
While many schools allow students to carry cell phones for emergencies and to communicate with home, units with cameras are almost indistinguishable, and heighten the potential for cheating, invasion of privacy, bullying and harassment.
The invasion of privacy continues with cameras in taxicabs and at public transportation terminals.
A Washington appeals court has ruled that Steven White can proceed with his invasion of privacy lawsuit against his employer, a municipality.
France's supreme court has partially overturned the acquittals of three photographers tried for invasion of privacy after they took pictures of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed at their 1997 death crash scene.
Jacques Langevin, Christian Martinez and Fabrice Chassery were acquitted of the invasion of privacy charge in 2003 af ter judges said a crashed vehicle on a public highway was not a private area.
Now the 16-year-old students, who wish to remain anonymous, are suing for discrimination, invasion of privacy, and unfair business practices.
Internet companies have been held immune from suits for libel, invasion of privacy, fraud, breach of contract, and housing discrimination.
As Abby Lippman, chair of the Canadian Women's Health Council opined, "I think it is an invasion of privacy.
Avis managing director Stuart Gent says: "I admit that we may come in for some criticism over the scheme for being an invasion of privacy, but the print will not be stored permanently and it will not be used unless a crime is committed.
Invasion of privacy is a concern also arising with the use of radio frequency identification, or RFID tags.