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inundate someone or something with something

1. Lit. to flood someone or something with fluid. The river inundated the fields with three feet of water. The storm inundated us with heavy rain.
2. Fig. to overwhelm someone with someone or something. They inundated us with mail. The children inundated us with requests for their favorite songs. The citizens inundated the legislature with demands for jobs.
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On the other hand, the researchers estimate that a space rock 300 m across could generate a tsunami about 11 m high and inundate areas as far as 1 km inland.
According to locals, the breach occurred near reduced distances (RD) 45, Sani Ghuni Canal Kadhan which caused to inundate many of acres of land and affected standing crops.
Meanwhile some of the fish ponds surrounding the Sani Ghuni canal were also reported to inundate which caused the major loss to the residents.
Set in the Swift River valley of western Massachusetts in the late Depression years, Stillwater describes, through the eyes of its 15-year-old narrator, Jamieson Kooby, the impact on the valley of the perfidious schemes of "the Boston boys," the state's power structure, to inundate five towns by damming the Swift River.
Islamabad, Aug 12(ANI): Pakistani authorities have warned that another flood may hit the Guddu, Sukkur and Chashma barrages this weekend to further inundate Punjab and Sindh provinces.
Just half an hour of rain inundates most parts of the city including parliament house, presidency.