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intrude into (something)

To involve oneself in something in a way that is meddlesome or unwelcome. A reflexive pronoun can be used between "intrude" and "into." I make it a point never to intrude myself into other people's personal affairs. Leave it to Mom to try to intrude into your relationship.
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intrude (up)on (someone or something)

To involve oneself in something in a way that is meddlesome or unwelcome. I really try not to intrude on my kids, even though they think I'm too involved in their lives. I accidentally intruded upon their seminar before it was over, oops. I didn't realize it was three hours long!
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intrude into something

to get involved in something that is someone else's business. I don't want to intrude into your affairs, but I see that you're short of money. Please don't intrude into this matter.
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intrude oneself into something

to work oneself into some matter that is someone else's business. I hate to intrude myself into your conversation, but don't I know you? Please do not intrude yourself into this matter.
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intrude (up)on someone or something

to encroach on someone or something or matters that concern only someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I didn't mean to intrude upon you. Please don't intrude on our meeting. Please wait outside.
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In order to judge whether such an image includes an intruder or not, our system can perform the following procedures:
"It appears in both cases the intruders got into these houses through unlocked back and front doors.
During questioning, the intruder said that he had no identification on his person, but he insisted that he worked for the contractor and had entered the building to locate a supervisor.
By making the disks read only, Internet intruders cannot appear as just another locally networked personal computer.
They immediately ordered sniffer dogs into the basement and the surrounding grounds and gardens amid fears the intruder could have planted a bomb.
The intruder conjured up no new methods for breaking operating systems; rather he repeatedly applied techniques documented elsewhere.
The body of the Pakistani intruder after retrieval from the place of incident was handed over to the Ramgarh Police Station for further disposal.
Church Mutual has created an ( armed intruder resource kit featuring videos, checklists, FAQs and important assessment and planning guides.
Neighbors would later tell the station that the intruder kicked in the front door.
Suzuki Motorcycle India, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation (TYO: 7269), has launched the Special Edition' of its Intruder and Intruder FI ahead of the festive season.
The incident happened on Saturday morning at Bhatindi in the outskirts of the Jammu city, when the intruder rammed his XUV into the front gate of the politican's house and continued to drive recklessly and reached the inner garden, according to witnesses.
The intruder was able to escape on foot and police have appealed for witnesses.
West Des Moines, Iowa-based GuideOne Insurance has formed an alliance with Strategos International, a Kansas City-based organization that will bring training and consulting to its customers in all niches - churches, schools, nonprofits, senior living communities and small businesses - to help them best prepare for and react in an armed intruder situation.
In the video, Shanmugavel, a 70-year-old man is seen sitting outside his house in Kalyanipuram, a village in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, when a masked intruder slowly sneaks up behind him.
Attacks began 11 minutes after the intruder's arrival on average, the number of attacks averaged only approximately five per cage.