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intrude into something

to get involved in something that is someone else's business. I don't want to intrude into your affairs, but I see that you're short of money. Please don't intrude into this matter.
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intrude oneself into something

to work oneself into some matter that is someone else's business. I hate to intrude myself into your conversation, but don't I know you? Please do not intrude yourself into this matter.
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intrude (up)on someone or something

to encroach on someone or something or matters that concern only someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I didn't mean to intrude upon you. Please don't intrude on our meeting. Please wait outside.
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During the physical altercation, the intruder stabbed the armed security guard and the armed security guard shot the intruder.
Gardai appealed for information last night and are collecting CCTV footage from the area in the hope of identifying the intruder.
The goal of this experiment was to determine whether chemical cues released during the intruder period affected the stability of established dominant-subordinate relationships.
VERDICT Suzuki's C1500T Intruder takes cruiser style and attitude, adding extra comfort and practicality.
These troops engage the intruders who are also being pounded by the helicopters.
To help provide consistent scoring, the Intruder Vulnerability Assessment app includes a built in rubric with scoring examples.
As the intruder ran off he was joined by a second man, carrying a bottle who struck the occupant in the face, knocking him to the ground, suffering minor injuries.
But in the end, it was an intruder who had abducted the child.
Information security provider Symantec Corp (Nasdaq: SYMC) announced on Friday (29 July) the availability of Symantec Intruder Alert for the HP-UX 11i v2 operating system for HP Integrity servers based on the Itanium 2 processor from IT technology manufacturer, Intel (Nasdaq: INTC).
For example, high-ranking males seem less eager than lowly ones to approach an overlapping intruder.
The focal point of the book is Hunt's experience flying 45 combat missions with Attack Squadron 145, and the close bond with his bombardier-navigator (BN), which reinforces the team effort involved in flying the Intruder.
Newbury Networks WiFi Watchdog alerts IT managers when an intruder accesses a company's 802.
The AirBlock technology disconnects or blocks the intruder from wireless networks under its protection as it servers as a virtual protective shield.
Sergeant Lee Davie and MWD Bastar, Schofield Barracks, 3rd Place, Intruder Detection, Scouting.
Police yesterday condemned a savage attack on an 86-year-old Birmingham woman who was beaten around the head and body by an intruder in her own home.