intrude into

intrude into something

to get involved in something that is someone else's business. I don't want to intrude into your affairs, but I see that you're short of money. Please don't intrude into this matter.
See also: intrude
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The ministry said that the Y-12 propeller plane, operated by China's State Oceanic Administration, however, did not intrude into Japanese airspace above the islands, whose sovereignty is disputed by Beijing, the ministry said.
More than 70 Al Qaeda militants attempt to intrude into Tajikistan from Afghanistan, reported CA-News citing Tajik language service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
According to police sources some unidentified persons intrude into a house located in Mangho Pir and opened indiscriminate firing with Kalashnikov at sleeping persons killing two persons.
The residents of border area have expressed fear over the entry of terrorists into Punjab saying there are so many ways from where terrorists can intrude into Province.
For a team to intrude into a room where a widow is still holding the hand of a dead husband or a parent clutching a dead child would be ghastly.
This bill would have the Virginia legislature intrude into the internal governing affairs of the church itself, which is prohibited by both the Free Exercise and Establishment Clauses of the First Amendment to the U.
The postcard-size oils on wood blocks that make up Patrick Faulhaber's "Texas Paintings" seem to know their limits as images, but they still intrude into space, demanding attention.
Kempling has never allowed his views on homosexual activity to intrude into his work as a teacher.
After initially denying that the program would deeply intrude into citizens' lives, the Defense Department acknowledged that many of the above-mentioned areas of surveillance and data collection are under study.
Self-actualized individuals have worked out their personal issues well enough that their personal life no longer has to intrude into their professional lives and actions.
The fishermen continue to intrude into Pakistan's marine rich Indus delta region containing high quality fish, at the cost of livelihood of local fishermen resulting in depletion of fish stock and ecological damage to rare fish species, he added.
The press service of the Ata Meken party said the plane AN-2 was flying above the frontier areas, but did not intrude into the airspace of the neighboring Uzbekistan.
The Halton Unit claims that implementation of their board's document would "allow your employer to intrude into your private lives.