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intrude (up)on (someone or something)

To involve oneself in something in a way that is meddlesome or unwelcome. I really try not to intrude on my kids, even though they think I'm too involved in their lives. I accidentally intruded upon their seminar before it was over, oops. I didn't realize it was three hours long!
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intrude into (something)

To involve oneself in something in a way that is meddlesome or unwelcome. A reflexive pronoun can be used between "intrude" and "into." I make it a point never to intrude myself into other people's personal affairs. Leave it to Mom to try to intrude into your relationship.
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intrude into something

to get involved in something that is someone else's business. I don't want to intrude into your affairs, but I see that you're short of money. Please don't intrude into this matter.
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intrude oneself into something

to work oneself into some matter that is someone else's business. I hate to intrude myself into your conversation, but don't I know you? Please do not intrude yourself into this matter.
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intrude (up)on someone or something

to encroach on someone or something or matters that concern only someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I didn't mean to intrude upon you. Please don't intrude on our meeting. Please wait outside.
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"ID cards are used as an excuse to intrude and interfere in people's lives, " Mr Opik said.
The best brief definition I can give is this: Self-actualized individuals have worked out their personal issues well enough that their personal life no longer has to intrude into their professional lives and actions.
President Rodrigo Duterte will not 'intrude' on the conflict between Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Rolando Bautista and pro-administration radio personality Erwin Tulfo,.
To show that A causes B, it's necessary to isolate both cause and effect factors, to remove what might intrude between them (and so confuse the results).
Those branches that typically intrude on the frame of an architectural representation as a cliched reminder of the "great outdoors" are elevated to a principal role in Appel's work, twisting and turning their way through windows and doors, penetrating the interior in an almost obscene manner.
When she talks about the State having a role in family life ("For me, it's not a question of when we intrude on family life but how and when.") I get the heeby jeebies.
When she talks about the State having a role in family life - 'For me, it's not a question of when we intrude on family life but how and when' - I get the heeby jeebies.
While John's voice is heard throughout the novel, others occasionally intrude: his nerdy friends like Billy, who gets arrested at the mall for stealing an egg roll; the most beautiful girl in the world, the nubile Gloria, for whom he pines; fellow band member Violet "Violent" Hayes, big and gangly and shy, for whom he does not pine, initially; and his band teacher, Arthur Flemingham Steenwilly, who composes a tuba solo just for him and saves his life.
If it begins to, you know, intrude on the practice of faith, then I would be opposed to it.
Such combatants, moreover, have no right of access to counsel to challenge their detention." Furthermore, continues, the brief, "the Court may not second-guess the military's enemy-combatant determination" because by doing so they would intrude on "the President's plenary authority as Commander in Chief," which supposedly includes the power to establish policies concerning "the capture, detention, and treatment of the enemy and the collection and evaluation of intelligence vital to national security."
The Halton Unit claims that implementation of their board's document would "allow your employer to intrude into your private lives." Pece employs such pejorative phraseology as "inquisitional tactics" and "paternalistic attitude." Mr.
But whenever such thoughts intrude, I need only look at the photo of that huge spruce or recall the old oak of my childhood.
According to police sources some unidentified persons intrude into a house located in Mangho Pir and opened indiscriminate firing with Kalashnikov at sleeping persons killing two persons.
The Government was accused of wanting to create a 'nanny state' yesterday after children's minister Margaret Hodge said it is not a question of whether the state should intrude in family life but 'how and when'.