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introduce the shoemaker to the tailor

To kick someone in the buttocks. Primarily heard in UK. If you don't leave me alone, I'll introduce the shoemaker to the tailor!
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I would like you to meet someone.

 and I would like to introduce you to someone.
an expression used to introduce one person to another. (The word someone can be used as the someone.) Mary: I would like you to meet my Uncle Bill. Sally: Hello, Uncle Bill. Nice to meet you. Tom: I would like to introduce you to Bill Franklin. John: Hello, Bill. Glad to meet you. Bill: Glad to meet you, John.
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introduce someone into something

to bring someone into something; to launch someone into something. Tony introduced Wally into his club. You do not wish me to introduce myself into local social life, do you?
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introduce someone to someone

to make someone acquainted with someone else. I would like to introduce you to my cousin, Rudolph. Allow me to introduce myself to you.
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introduce something into something

to bring something into something or some place; to bring something into something as an innovation. The decorator introduced a little bit of bright red into the conference room. After I introduced the new procedures into the factory, production increased enormously.
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let me (just) say

 and just let me say
a phrase introducing something that the speaker thinks is important. Rachel: Let me say how pleased we all are with your efforts. Henry: Why, thank you very much. Bob: Just let me say that we're extremely pleased with your activity. Bill: Thanks loads. I did what I could.
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to put it another way

 and put another way
a phrase introducing a restatement of what someone, usually the speaker, has just said. Father: You're still very young, Tom. To put it another way, you don't have any idea about what you're getting into. John: Could you go back to your own room now, Tom? I have to study. Put another way, get out of here! Tom: Okay, okay. Don't get your bowels in an uproar!
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