introduce to

introduce someone to someone

to make someone acquainted with someone else. I would like to introduce you to my cousin, Rudolph. Allow me to introduce myself to you.
See also: introduce
References in classic literature ?
But let me introduce to you a new friend of mine, the Hungry Tiger.
My dears, I introduce to you Miss Scraps Patchwork, a lady who is traveling in foreign parts to increase her store of wisdom.
Dorrimore, whom I had felt compelled to introduce to the ladies.
of Italy (represented by Liebco in Cleveland) will introduce to the U.
will introduce to this country the Revive post-consumer recycling line from Sant'Andrea Novara of Italy, which processes commingled material at high contamination levels--for example, with up to 20% paper, 8% aluminum, 10% wood, or 5% other organic matter.
Diversified will also introduce to the North American market Proll pad- and screen-printing inks from Germany.
Battenfeld Extrusiontechnik GmbH of Germany will introduce to the North American market its newest Planex planetary-roller extruder, shown at K'89 in Dusseldorf (see PT, Jan.