introduce into

introduce (someone, something, or oneself) into (something)

1. To assist someone as they join or begin something. I hope my sister will introduce me into her sorority once I start college.
2. To join, begin, or become involved in something. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "introduce" and "into." He is trying to introduce himself into local politics.
3. To add something new to something. I really liked how you introduced humor into the next section of the story, after such a dark beginning. We need to introduce some different textures into the room, maybe with a fun rug.
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introduce someone into something

to bring someone into something; to launch someone into something. Tony introduced Wally into his club. You do not wish me to introduce myself into local social life, do you?
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introduce something into something

to bring something into something or some place; to bring something into something as an innovation. The decorator introduced a little bit of bright red into the conference room. After I introduced the new procedures into the factory, production increased enormously.
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It was this highly artificial but very beautiful poetic fashion which Wyatt deliberately set about to introduce into England.