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intrigue someone with someone or something

to fascinate someone with someone or something. Walter intrigued the baby with his keys and funny faces. The king intrigued the guests with a seductive dancer who had trained in the Far East.
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intrigue (with someone) (against someone)

to conspire with someone against someone. You are guilty of intriguing with an enemy against the government. I did not intrigue against anyone.
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A legal advice book primarily, it reads intriguingly for those who love an entertaining courtroom drama tied in with celebrity drama.
Far less starry than their recent films, it is intriguingly provocative but perhaps a bit too low-key for its own good.
Exploring society through a woman who doesn't understand society's unwritten taboos, "Requiem for Locusts" is an intriguingly written novel that asks questions and provides interesting answers.
However, amid speculation that there have been discussions between his representatives and US private equity fund InterMedia Partners, and more intriguingly, the Saudi Binladin Group, Ashley said: "I think I'll start with people from Newcastle, not in some cave in Afghanistan.
Stories that follow truly human characters as they deal with the common problems of life, such as the death of a father and the relationship with his son, a boy struggling with illiteracy, the suicide of a loved one--all things that everyday people may deal with, but all written intriguingly to glue readers to the page.
And on page 72 you'll find a selection of corporate communications ranging from the intriguingly obscure to the staggeringly obvious, It's your magazine, so let us know what you think about the new look at nc1@caspianpublishing.
Intriguingly, a red wine vessel was at the west wall of Tut's burial chamber and a white wine container was at the opposite wall.
Most intriguingly, he noted that his supply of Israeli flags comes from a distributor in Israel.
Intriguingly, Klein also cites the Bush campaign of 1988 as a failure.
That model, in turn, gives rise to another, much more intriguingly radical organizational possibility: the virtual corporation.
Most intriguingly, below, is the model of King Kong that used to stand menacingly in the Bull Ring.
The paintings don't hold much interest on their own, but paired with the sculptures and floor they gave the gallery an intriguingly creepy ambience suggestive of an interior-decorating collaboration between the Addams Family and the Cleavers.
one reminisce intriguingly links missing bombs from Thule Air Force Base with WWD stories on the clothes that Greenlanders wear to keep warm.