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intrigue someone with someone or something

to fascinate someone with someone or something. Walter intrigued the baby with his keys and funny faces. The king intrigued the guests with a seductive dancer who had trained in the Far East.
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intrigue (with someone) (against someone)

to conspire with someone against someone. You are guilty of intriguing with an enemy against the government. I did not intrigue against anyone.
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It also boasts an open courtyard and such intriguing architectural features as winding passages and a moatlike main entrance.
The study revealed several intriguing, star-like entities that glowed brightly in red light but dimly in blue--characteristics of distant quasars, notes McMahon, of the University of Cambridge in England.
Information technology (IT) media company TechTarget announced today that CEO and co-founder Greg Strakosch was named one of min magazine's "21 Most Intriguing People" in its annual issue celebrating the year in publishing.
BAKERSFIELD - Marland Williams' rapid development from raw talent to intriguing prospect has made him the talk of the California League.
Conceptually often intriguing, Body packed powerful visual and kinetic images around such a flimsy frame that the work imploded on itself, its considerable energy evaporating like a cloudburst in the desert.
One intriguing possibility, notes Pounds, is that white dwarfs locked in orbit with another star might evolve differently from dwarfs that lack a partner.
Gartner believes that IT service configuration management is a "cool" market because emerging vendors such as Relicore are offering innovative, impactful, and intriguing solutions to meet new market demands and requirements.
This includes sending their adorable daughter to ballet school, which is taught by the intriguing, if oddly phobic, Yolanda (Italy's Laura Morante).
Bernard Hopkins: No matchup would be more intriguing.
Yet these elements provide the background for an intriguing scientific puzzle.
In other episodes, they encounter intriguing new kid characters, including a cool and secretive cyberteen from Radopolis named Slider and a spunky girl named Creech who needs to win a wild race to keep Hacker from taking over cybersite Tikiville.
Gray's 1999 debut, ``On How Life Is,'' made the Van Nuys singer with the gravelly whisper of a voice the hip-hop Fiona Apple - intriguing music, freakish personality.
Freaky Flyers quickly lures players in with an intriguing storyline that includes 13 engaging characters and a soundtrack full of original songs.
So the action is minimal, and the intrigue isn't very intriguing.