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intrigue someone with someone or something

to fascinate someone with someone or something. Walter intrigued the baby with his keys and funny faces. The king intrigued the guests with a seductive dancer who had trained in the Far East.
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intrigue (with someone) (against someone)

to conspire with someone against someone. You are guilty of intriguing with an enemy against the government. I did not intrigue against anyone.
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He was a compulsive intriguer for whom treachery was very much a relative term: "They think that I am immoral and Machiavellian, yet I am simply impassive and disdainful.
Hamlet momentarily steps back from the role of troubled intriguer to show the audience his connoisseurship of plays, acting, and dramatic poetry.
plot-maker and intriguer, as well, which gives her the privileged seat
The call to be remembered comes from an intriguer, Erissena, and is addressed to her lover, Gandartes, both of whom are rightly anxious about their involvement in a plot against Alexander the Great, who has just conquered large parts of India.
38) On their first meeting in 1808, Story took an instant liking to Marshall, impressed by his "great subtilty of mind" and captivated by his "laugh," which was "too hearty for an intriguer.
Ambitious, autocratic, and vindictive, he was a skillful and ruthless intriguer, and those who fell afoul of him did so to their misfortune; his victims included his quondam secretaire Jean Francois Lallouette (1651-1728), the claveciniste Jacques Champion, Sieur de Chambonnieres (1601/2-1672), and the great actor-manager-playwright Moliere (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, 1622-1673).
Aux cotes des messes en plain-chant, des antiennes, des hymnes, des proses et d'une multitude de petits motets--anonymes pour la plupart--, on rencontre une curiosite qui ne laisse pas de nous intriguer.
The so-called Black Queen, she was long supposed to have been not only a master intriguer but also an accomplished plotter and poisoner, the personification of all that the world found sinister in Renaissance Italy.
The problem, however, is not in regarding the Vice only as jester, as the quotation would imply, but rather in regarding the Vice only as knave, a devilish intriguer, whose function within the play is ultimately to be condemned.
The best work I did in the three Marivaux translations, I think, is in a sense the freest--it's a speech in Act 1, Scene 3 of Changes of Heart, in which Flaminia, the court intriguer, describes her sister's arsenal of coquetry with the aim of explaining to her sister that it's not what's needed to seduce Harlequin.
The primary delusion Golyadkin labors under is not one of grandeur but rather one of denial--denial that he is a hypocrite, toady, and intriguer.
Morris Townsend is in the novel both a clever, self-confident fop and a tatterdemalion, a clever intriguer, extraordinarily interested in his potential father-in-law's cellar.
The novel has echoes of some of the motifs of the Tichborne case, with Lady Audley playing the claimant's role as intriguer and impostor.