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intrigue someone with someone or something

to fascinate someone with someone or something. Walter intrigued the baby with his keys and funny faces. The king intrigued the guests with a seductive dancer who had trained in the Far East.
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intrigue (with someone) (against someone)

to conspire with someone against someone. You are guilty of intriguing with an enemy against the government. I did not intrigue against anyone.
References in classic literature ?
Every mere council of appointment, however constituted, will be a conclave, in which cabal and intrigue will have their full scope.
I never meddle in intrigues, and if I occasionally become a confidant of the intrigues of others I am sure your eminence will approve of my keeping them secret.
My lord," replied Guitant, "such ministers do not weigh men in the same balance; they get their information on war from warriors; on intrigues, from intriguers.
He felt that the love that bound him to Anna was not a momentary impulse, which would pass, as worldly intrigues do pass, leaving no other traces in the life of either but pleasant or unpleasant memories.
It is simply a plot, an intrigue, to upset our plans and to stir up a quarrel.
Though Jones had no reason to imagine the lady to have been of the vestal kind when his amour began; yet, as he was thoroughly ignorant of the town, and had very little acquaintance in it, he had no knowledge of that character which is vulgarly called a demirep; that is to say, a woman who intrigues with every man she likes, under the name and appearance of virtue; and who, though some over-nice ladies will not be seen with her, is visited (as they term it) by the whole town, in short, whom everybody knows to be what nobody calls her.
He then caused all the duennas of the palace, those that are here present, to be brought before him; and after having dwelt upon the enormity of our offence, and denounced duennas, their characters, their evil ways and worse intrigues, laying to the charge of all what I alone was guilty of, he said he would not visit us with capital punishment, but with others of a slow nature which would be in effect civil death for ever; and the very instant he ceased speaking we all felt the pores of our faces opening, and pricking us, as if with the points of needles.
After the 28-year-old finishes UFC 202 at the MGM Grand, he will head to Intrigue Vegas.
Loren Legarda has filed a bill seeking to impose a longer jail sentence on individuals sowing intrigue against innocent persons.
com)-- With a blend of mystery, adventure, humor, and sweet romance, Linda Weaver Clarke creates a story based upon the adventures of a married couple and their three daughters in Desert Intrigue.
BDI vice president Teuta Arifi comments for Dnevnik that to intrigue a moratorium on interethnic issues means showing fear of confronting real issues and finding real answers and solutions.
The Catalyst" is an intriguing novel of the scummier side of life, and is sure to intrigue many a reader.
Tension is powerfully woven in a book which includes elements of detective intrigue, science, and military history: the result is a rich stew of intrigue which grabs from Page 1 and doesn't let go: mystery and intrigue readers will find this a delightfully different, engrossing read.
International intrigue again involves him in this intriguing set of world-wide encounters.