take into account

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take (someone or something) into account

To think about, consider, or keep someone or something in mind for the future. This deal also takes your two sons into account. We'll be taking your years of loyal service into account while we consider what should be done.
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take someone or something into account

 and take into account someone or something
to remember to consider someone or something. I hope you'll take Bill and Bob into account when you plan the party. I'll try to take into account all the things that are important in a situation like this.
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take something into account

 and take something into consideration
to consider something to be an important factor in some decision. We will take your long years of service into account when we make our final decision. You can be certain that we will take it into consideration.
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take into account

Also, take account of; take into consideration. Bear in mind, consider, allow for, as in We have to take into account that ten of the musicians were absent, or It's important to take account of where the audience is coming from, or When you take into consideration the fact that they were founded only a year ago, they've done very well. Take into consideration is the oldest of these expressions, dating from the mid-1500s. Take into account and take account of date from the late 1600s. The antonyms, leave out of account or take no account of, mean "ignore, pay no attention to," as in They've left the most important item out of account. [Second half of 1800s] All of these idioms use account in the sense of "reckoning" or "calculation," and consideration in the sense of "regard for the circumstances."
See also: account, take

take into account

To take into consideration; allow for.
See also: account, take
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30, FASB continues to allow extraordinary-item treatment for material items that are both unusual in nature and infrequent in occurrence, taking into account the environment in which the entity operates.
Section 209--Considerations by Appropriate State Regulatory Authorities: State regulatory authorities responsible for supervising nonregistered public accounting firms and their associated persons should make an independent determination of the proper applicable standards, taking into account the size and nature of the accounting firm's business, as well as that of its clients.
This question cannot be properly answered without taking into account an inconsistency in Braudel's thesis.
In performing the balancing test, the court is to take into account, among other things, the extent that the transaction was expected to affect the third-party; the foreseeability of the harm; degree of certainty that the third party would be injured and closeness of connection between the third-parties' injury and the malpractice that occurred.
These include the form and contents of notice to the taxpayer describing the new method of accounting, the year of change, the [sections] 481(a) adjustment amount, and the number of taxable years over which the [sections] 481(a) adjustment is to be taken into account (the "spread" or adjustment period).
04 states that the change can only be effected on a prospective basis with the year of change being the current year and any 481(a) adjustment taken into account in subsequent years rather than in the years under examination.
481(a) adjustment into account entirely in the change year, whether positive or negative.
A method of accounting is a rule that governs when an item of income or expense will be taken into account for federal income tax purposes.
On the other hand, the amount of the adjustment under section 481 is special in a way that often hurts taxpayers -- it takes into account closed tax years back to at least 1954, and back to the taxpayer's first use of the method if the taxpayer wants a spread period.
This is why the transition adjustment that the Commissioner is permitted to make under section 481 takes into account closed years.
However, some financial executives believe this test doesn't reflect sound risk-management principles, because it doesn't take into account all the company's exposures to each currency.
Generally, the adjustment must be taken into account entirely in the year of the accounting method change.
481 adjustment may be taken into account in such manner and subject to such conditions as agreed to between the IRS and the taxpayer.
Problems arise when deals are structured to take into account limitations based on adjusted tax basis (including allocated debt basis in accordance with Sec.