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be into (someone or something)

1. informal To be romantically interested in someone. A: "I think Claire is into you, dude." B: "Really? Should I ask her out?" We had a couple really nice dates together, but I'm just not that into him.
2. informal To be very interested in or passionate about something. Chris is very into the Flyers, so I got him tickets to an upcoming game for Christmas. Jean's been very into photography lately, and she's pretty darn good at it!

in(to) the bargain

On top of everything else; in addition to what was already stated or expected. Their new head of research has multiple degrees—and is a classically trained pianist into the bargain! As if the strong winds weren't enough, we got hale in the bargain as well.
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/in the bargain
Over and above what is expected; in addition.
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