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intimidate someone into something

to threaten or frighten someone into doing something. Do you think you can intimidate me into working for you? We weren't intimidated into doing it.
See also: intimidate

intimidate someone with something

to threaten or frighten someone with something. Please don't try to intimidate me with your silly threats! We hadn't been intimidated with their threats.
See also: intimidate
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Owner Robert Foster said Intimidator has invested millions of dollars in automation so far and will continue to do so.
Companeros de la joven dicen que ella tiene miedo de que El Intimidator la corra o torne otro tipo de represalias.
He said of the conspiracy: "You were not to be the intimidator but it was quite clear that you were prepared for anything to be done as far as that witness was concerned.
Only in his final days did he tell some of us how hard he had worked through these last two years to remain in control as the manager of his cancer, the administrator of his treatment and recovery, the intimidator against all that threatened his life and the years he still hoped to have with Joanna.
Shaq was the intimidator, the fear factor to other teams.
Yet to those who knew him personally, Earnhardt was not always "The Intimidator," ready to speed past you for the lead.
For high-speed milling and drilling, the Intimidator gantry machine center features 75-hp direct spindle drive technology.
Donald McSaunders has been hired as an Illegal Immigrant Intimidator by the May Pork meat-watering factory, to stop people taking a day off at Christmas.
Scents include Sweet Pee regular doe urine, Red Hot Doe doe estrous scent, Intimidator dominant buck urine; Earth, Persimmon, Corn, Pine, Cedar, and White Oak Acorn cover/attractants, and Scent Eliminator.
The man they call the Intimidator presents a massive barrier to Coulthard's ambitions.
NASCAR 2000 features series champion Dale Jarrett, NASCAR Rookie of the Year Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte, Jeff Burton and "The Intimidator," Dale Earnhardt.
The nonpareil shot-blocker, rebounder, and intimidator with the U.
Care about people, don't be a shouter or intimidator.