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intimidate someone into something

to threaten or frighten someone into doing something. Do you think you can intimidate me into working for you? We weren't intimidated into doing it.
See also: intimidate

intimidate someone with something

to threaten or frighten someone with something. Please don't try to intimidate me with your silly threats! We hadn't been intimidated with their threats.
See also: intimidate
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During intermission the manager told me excitedly that one of the world's ten greatest violists was in the audience, and he pronounced an intimidatingly Russian name.
The Daily Mail wrote that 'England will be in a distinctly uncomfortable place on a fast wicket in Perth for the third Test unless they approach Adelaide as if it is Murrayfield at its most inhospitable or the Millennium Stadium at its most intimidatingly vocal'
The Indians start firm favourites in the shorter format too with a batting line-up, which is in intimidatingly good form.
Based on the man's hideous appearance, so ghastly it seems intimidatingly grotesque, even diabolical, Robin hastily intuits that this individual with "parti-colored features," who "grinned in [his] face," is veritably the devil (220).
The number of answers that have been given is impressively and intimidatingly high.
The consequence of perpetuating such an outdated picture of Canadian modernism is an intimidatingly heavy, boring book of mostly embarrassing work (except for the poems of E.
Primarily ethnographic, their quality is mixed, and the prose often intimidatingly technical, but, like Morgan's own work, many of his co-contributors may eventually help ACE members to widen, even rethink, their own perspectives on religious art and architecture.
A decorated Chef with many local and international awards, Chef Mark is intimidatingly successful and serves as an inspiration for many junior chefs.
Even if Konrad 'King Kon' Hurrell doesn't shake off a leg injury, the Warriors are still an intimidatingly big outfit, especially with another monster, Manu Vatuveu, set for a recall after a knee problem.
The birds are intimidatingly tall and meeting them face-to-face is just that.
Whereas Gubar's memoir is heady, at times intimidatingly cerebral, Schecter's account is more accessible, even haimish.
Though at times the book is intimidatingly dense, by providing a thorough examination of teenage parents and their lives, the authors give librarians a well-rounded view into the complex needs of this population.
For young would-be stars the experience of working with such formidable talents as Schloendorff, the Dardennes and Doillon opens up creative horizons at an intimidatingly young age.
Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), is one of those leaders whose power to inspire is best reflected in his ability to lead an intimidatingly large empire with an astute mind and with a whole lot of panache.