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intimidate someone into something

to threaten or frighten someone into doing something. Do you think you can intimidate me into working for you? We weren't intimidated into doing it.
See also: intimidate

intimidate someone with something

to threaten or frighten someone with something. Please don't try to intimidate me with your silly threats! We hadn't been intimidated with their threats.
See also: intimidate
References in classic literature ?
Was it not, then, the shout the warriors make when they wish to intimidate their enemies?
My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.
The usage they have in every case received from the natives has been such as to intimidate the boldest of their number.
But, in such a cause, his anger, though it must shock, could not intimidate Henry, who was sustained in his purpose by a conviction of its justice.
The society of the energetic class, in their friendly and festive meetings, is full of courage and of attempts which intimidate the pale scholar.
Encouraged by this evidence of his power, he thrust his head into view, and by scowling and snarling and gnashing his fangs tried to intimidate me.