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have intimate relations with someone

Euph. to have sex with someone. I understand that Jim once had intimate relations with Sarah. Rumor has it that she has had intimate relations with someone other than her husband.
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intimate apparel

Euph. women's underwear. "You'll find bras and body shapers in the intimate apparel," said the salesclerk at the department store. The catalog features intimate apparel for the grande dame.
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intimate something to someone

to suggest or imply something to someone. What are you intimating to me? I intimated nothing at all to you.
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*intimate with someone

Euph. having sexual intercourse with someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) He had never been intimate with a woman before. They were intimate with each other for the first time that night.
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References in classic literature ?
His sighs and intimations of suppressed affliction seemed to come from a full heart; but either he must contrive to retain them within it, or breathe them forth in other ears than mine: there was enough of confidence between us already.
SAINT-CLOUD YESTERDAY SIR MICHAEL STOUTE was able to mark his 72nd birthday yesterday by winning the Group 3 Prix de Flore at Saint-Cloud with Intimation, a mare who was reappearing just eight days after running down the field in the Darley Stakes at Newmarket.
According to a press release said that the intimation letters to this effect have been issued to the eligible applicants on their postal address.
Will friends please accept this intimation and meet at the crematorium.
INTIMATION (Sir Michael Stoute) INTIMATION ran promisingly when third in the Group Three contest at Gowran Park.
Sir Michael Stoute is looking forward to a big weekend with two live chances in the investec Derby but intimation can ensure the yard heads to epsom in high spirits by landing a listed success at Nottingham.
SIR MICHAEL STOUTE is looking forward to a big weekend with two live chances in the Investec Derby, but Intimation can ensure the yard heads to Epsom in high spirits by landing a Listed success at Nottingham.
Special task forces were set up to ensure claim intimation from customers was immediately attended to and arrangements were made in advance to create a panel of loss adjusters and claim surveyors so that such loss intimations were handled on priority basis.
She said it was strange that the commission sent an intimation to her client outside Pakistan but failed to inform his counsel in the country.
Is it an intimation of cosmic birth pangs of death throes?
Considered individually, their composition is formulaic, and as a series they are weighed down by overweaning symbolism and lazily signaled mythical intimation.
Prince Credell scoops it up and launches a stunning, direction-changing solo; he is bathed in sunlight and drenched in up-tempo Corelli, an intimation of brighter days in the future, a hint that "we shall overcome.
The assemblies travel through the line on pallets that are Fitted with radio Frequency identification (RFID) tags, which both track progress and provide intimation to the assembly stations.
This notion, that liberalism rests not on propositions but on an intimation, borrows openly from Michael Oakeshott, the twentieth-century English philosopher, who wrote that in politics "every enterprise is a consequential enterprise, the pursuit, not of a dream, or of a general principle, but of an intimation" (Michael Oakeshott, "Political Education," in Liberalism and Its Critics, edited by Michael J.
MUMBAI, India -- NetAlter Software Limited Has Recently Received Intimation Letter of Grant as Per the Acceptance Intimation from the Indian Patent Office for its NetAlter System