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have intimate relations with someone

Euph. to have sex with someone. I understand that Jim once had intimate relations with Sarah. Rumor has it that she has had intimate relations with someone other than her husband.
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intimate apparel

Euph. women's underwear. "You'll find bras and body shapers in the intimate apparel," said the salesclerk at the department store. The catalog features intimate apparel for the grande dame.
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intimate something to someone

to suggest or imply something to someone. What are you intimating to me? I intimated nothing at all to you.
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*intimate with someone

Euph. having sexual intercourse with someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) He had never been intimate with a woman before. They were intimate with each other for the first time that night.
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Bambolim, July 20 -- Galleria Intima is India's preeminent event on Intimate Apparel, this will be first plinth for Manufactures & Suppliers of Intimate Apparel, circa 95% women in India need vital education on Bra styles & after results of incorrect Bra, so professionals of the intimate apparel industry are invited to commemorate the exuberance of sourcing in a land that is distinguished by its prevailing rich heritage and culture.
Lacy French intimates were the choice of women of taste, and Japanese designers borrowed heavily from their styles.
Vera Wang Intimates, a luxury lingerie retail manufacturer, signed a lease to expand to 10,500 s/f at 183 Madison Avenue.
Yes, for all of its sense of mystery, musty claustrophobia and intimations of deep psychological turmoil, ``Strangers'' is as romantic as its title intimates.
As with all violent crimes, violence between intimates decreased substantially in recent years.
Despite some year-to-year fluctuations, rates of violence by intimates against women in other age categories were unchanged from 1993 though 1999.
In 1996, substantially fewer murders of intimates were committed by spouses, former spouses, common-law spouses, same sex partners, boyfriends, and girlfriends than in any other year since 1976, according to a recent Justice Department study.
667-676; William Goode, "Violence Among Intimates," pp.
NEW YORK -- Trimera Group is excited to announce the addition of industry executive Rebecca Zuber as President of the Intimates Division.
Intimates Group, Van Mar Steve Madden Intimates and Van Dale, which holds the Pamela Anderson and Rampage license.
Whitt Intimates opens its doors to the public and offers discounts on luxurious cotton lingerie, usually sold in medium- to high-end department stores.
Additionally, two new exclusive brand collections, daisy fuentes, available in June, and Simply Vera Vera Wang, available in September, will also launch in intimates.
The division, which includes Leslie Fay Intimates Sleepwear, Leslie Fay Robes and Longwear, Albert Nipon Robes, Lowell Intimates (a private label division) and Evelyn Pearson brands, expects to take occupancy early next year.
NASDAQ:AEOS) today announced that it will open at least 15 stand-alone stores in 2007 for its new intimates apparel sub-brand, aerie by American Eagle.