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have intimate relations with someone

Euph. to have sex with someone. I understand that Jim once had intimate relations with Sarah. Rumor has it that she has had intimate relations with someone other than her husband.
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intimate apparel

Euph. women's underwear. "You'll find bras and body shapers in the intimate apparel," said the salesclerk at the department store. The catalog features intimate apparel for the grande dame.
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intimate something to someone

to suggest or imply something to someone. What are you intimating to me? I intimated nothing at all to you.
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*intimate with someone

Euph. having sexual intercourse with someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) He had never been intimate with a woman before. They were intimate with each other for the first time that night.
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Intimately Beckham Night for Women takes the hook of the original version and gives it a seductive, after-dark twist, with zesty tangerine and bergamot spiced with cinnamon.
Intimately Beckham will be priced at around pounds 19.
A singularly valuable resource for anyone striving to intimately acquaint themselves with the Psalms and understand their emotional expression.
The President is not likely to become as intimately involved.
But what about the smaller "pictures" that we're intimately involved with every day?
Our facilities staff is intimately involved in supporting our green mission," says Andrew Evans, VP of Finance.
This thin epithelial layer adhered intimately to the promontory, to the round window, to the long process of the incus, and to the stapes and its tendon.
As the lands falls away from the street, the verandah forms a raised entrance terrace behind the cottage, overlooking a sunken court neatly and intimately defined by the new timber and metal three-storey extension.
By mid-afternoon, Garcia is drenched with sweat, and he understands intimately the grueling challenge of this pensive soliloquy.
Human health and environmental health are intimately intertwined.
And what about the intimately related challenges of teaching short fiction?
I'm glad that my Heavenly Father understands me personally and intimately and that His hand is upon me.
If only, that is, they can learn to cope with those whirling dervishes running amok and become intimately acquainted with the numbers 1 and 2: Fans of really simplistic pee-pee and poo-poo jokes will slap their thighs silly during this movie.
In their first New York show, Swiss sisters Claudia and Julia Muller presented three series of ink drawings, an animated video, and two unassuming sculptures (all works 2002) that focus on the complex negotiation of the individual with the constructs that simultaneously facilitate and inhibit self-realization: culture and, more intimately, family.
The colossal magnetoresistivity originates from a magnetically driven insulator-metal transition, where the magnetic, electronic, and structural degrees of freedom are intimately intertwined.