intimate with

*intimate with someone

Euph. having sexual intercourse with someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) He had never been intimate with a woman before. They were intimate with each other for the first time that night.
See also: intimate
References in classic literature ?
How came it that so sorry a specimen of a man should be so intimate with Monsieur Stangerson?
During the time the Stangersons lived in America they were very intimate with Arthur Rance, who was one of the most distinguished phrenologists of the new world.
Manicamp, who was less intimate with his royal highness than the Chevalier de Lorraine, vainly endeavored to detect, from the expression of the prince's face, what had made him so ill-humored.
There was something so very agreeable in being so intimate with such a waistcoat; in being called Tom, in such an intimate way, by such a voice; in being on such off-hand terms so soon, with such a pair of whiskers; that Tom was uncommonly pleased with himself.
Johnson, with all his faults, is a man to whom that great word "respectable" is always given, and I am known to be so intimate with his wife, his slighting me has an awkward look.
But this very burden it was that gave him sympathies so intimate with the sinful brotherhood of mankind; so that his heart vibrated in unison with theirs, and received their pain into itself and sent its own throb of pain through a thousand other hearts, in gushes of sad, persuasive eloquence.
Never had a man's hand been so intimate with his ear without hurting it.
At the same time, we have never been intimate with one another.
I was not aware that you were so intimate with her.
James's coming (my eldest brother) is quite delightful -- and especially as it turns out that the very family we are just got so intimate with are his intimate friends already.
Polyamory is an umbrella term--it can mean many things, such as being in a triad (when there are three people who are intimate with each other), having a primary partner, or being single but having multiple lovers or relationships.
NYSE: AFM) radio station, today announced that beginning July 24th, Motown's legendary Smokey Robinson will host a new on-air show, Intimate with Smokey Robinson, which will air Monday through Thursday from 8:00 p.