intimate with

intimate with (someone)

euphemism Referring to participating in a sex act with someone. I hope Kristina realizes that she's too young to be intimate with anyone. Can you believe that Grandma asked me if I've been intimate with Ted? How embarrassing!
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*intimate with someone

Euph. having sexual intercourse with someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) He had never been intimate with a woman before. They were intimate with each other for the first time that night.
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References in classic literature ?
I grew more intimate with Blanche Stroeve, and I think, because I was English and she knew few English people, she was glad to see me.
How came it that so sorry a specimen of a man should be so intimate with Monsieur Stangerson?
During the time the Stangersons lived in America they were very intimate with Arthur Rance, who was one of the most distinguished phrenologists of the new world.
Manicamp, who was less intimate with his royal highness than the Chevalier de Lorraine, vainly endeavored to detect, from the expression of the prince's face, what had made him so ill-humored.
She also had said that she would no longer accept roles that call for being intimate with someone, a matter that apparently is not true according to her upcoming film.
So she developed her own plan, and now she works to help others with MS develop strategies to remain intimate with their partners.
This Joy That Hovers Within: There is this joy that hovers within./ I'm ashamed to say I hardly own it.//All the other flotsam/in this whirlwind of my own making/am I intimate with.//I won't own joy.//But I know that in the early mornings/it moves closer/needing only strong coffee/a long gaze into darkness/one dangling thought/containing no words, no words at all.
Polyamory is an umbrella term--it can mean many things, such as being in a triad (when there are three people who are intimate with each other), having a primary partner, or being single but having multiple lovers or relationships.
Live by Request makes me feel that intimate with k.d.