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interview for (something)

1. To formally discuss someone's qualifications for a particular job that one seeks to fill. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "interview" and "for." I'm interviewing Gloria and Andrew for the promotion this afternoon.
2. To participate in such a discussion as a potential employee. Yeah, I interview for the job on Monday, and I'm so nervous!
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interview with (someone) (for something)

To formally discuss with an employer one's qualifications for a particular job. I'm interviewing with Helen—do you know her? She interviewed with Steve for the job in accounting.
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interview someone for something

[for an employer] to discuss employment in a particular job with a person seeking employment. We will interview her for the manager's job. We will interview the rest of them for the position tomorrow.
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interview (with someone) for something

[for a person seeking employment] to discuss employment in a particular job with an employer. She interviewed with the civic opera company for a job in the business department. I interviewed with Roger for the job.
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