interview for

interview (with someone) for something

[for a person seeking employment] to discuss employment in a particular job with an employer. She interviewed with the civic opera company for a job in the business department. I interviewed with Roger for the job.

interview someone for something

[for an employer] to discuss employment in a particular job with a person seeking employment. We will interview her for the manager's job. We will interview the rest of them for the position tomorrow.
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Due to the limited resources, small businesses rely on the interview for their personnel selection more heavily, and quite frequently solely, when dealing with recruitment, placement, performance evaluation, decision making, and problem solving (Heneman & Berkley, 1999).
Users may print a copy of their scores, save the interview for later replay and further examination, start a new interview, or exit the program.
In a 1959 interview for a Norwegian newspaper, he remarked, "I have to say the situation is slowly getting better in my native land" (193).
Development of a structured interview for sleep disorders fills a critical gap in our field," write psychiatrist Charles F.