interview for

interview for (something)

1. To formally discuss someone's qualifications for a particular job that one seeks to fill. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "interview" and "for." I'm interviewing Gloria and Andrew for the promotion this afternoon.
2. To participate in such a discussion as a potential employee. Yeah, I interview for the job on Monday, and I'm so nervous!
See also: interview

interview (with someone) for something

[for a person seeking employment] to discuss employment in a particular job with an employer. She interviewed with the civic opera company for a job in the business department. I interviewed with Roger for the job.
See also: interview

interview someone for something

[for an employer] to discuss employment in a particular job with a person seeking employment. We will interview her for the manager's job. We will interview the rest of them for the position tomorrow.
See also: interview
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Chanakya IAS Academy's Mock Interview for UPPCS Interviews is specially designed to help these dedicated students be interview ready with best of their preparation.
GOVERNOR Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara state has directed the State Civil Service Commission to fast-track the oral promotion interview for all categories of eligible workers in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the state.
On Aug 3, I appeared for an interview for the job of assistant commissioner (BPS-17) conducted by the commission.
You learn more about a company or industry in a non-threatening setting You set up meetings like these not to interview for a job but rather to explore your interview subject's industry, company, and opinions on the marketplace while mapping out your next career move.
The time saved from conducting face-to-face interviews is now being spent going through applications and referring the best people to interview for specific vacancies.
Request a copy of the interview for immediate feedback and future reference.
Due to the limited resources, small businesses rely on the interview for their personnel selection more heavily, and quite frequently solely, when dealing with recruitment, placement, performance evaluation, decision making, and problem solving (Heneman & Berkley, 1999).
I was invited to interview for the director of health services position for a large West Coast university.
You may be preparing for an interview for a very prestigious internship, co-op, or just a summer job.
Reasons that participants could recall during the interview for seeking help included (a) they never had defined a career direction, (b) their current direction was no longer satisfying or economically rewarding, (c) it was timely to explore other alternatives, and (d) they had been laid off or feared layoff in a downsizing industry.
Users may print a copy of their scores, save the interview for later replay and further examination, start a new interview, or exit the program.
In a 1959 interview for a Norwegian newspaper, he remarked, "I have to say the situation is slowly getting better in my native land" (193).
Myers survives today's briefing skirmishes and when she's done, I introduce myself and we arrange an interview for next Wednesday.
"Development of a structured interview for sleep disorders fills a critical gap in our field," write psychiatrist Charles F.
In one case, permission was not obtained from an interviewee to use her interview for research purposes.