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interview for (something)

1. To formally discuss someone's qualifications for a particular job that one seeks to fill. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "interview" and "for." I'm interviewing Gloria and Andrew for the promotion this afternoon.
2. To participate in such a discussion as a potential employee. Yeah, I interview for the job on Monday, and I'm so nervous!
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interview with (someone) (for something)

To formally discuss with an employer one's qualifications for a particular job. I'm interviewing with Helen—do you know her? She interviewed with Steve for the job in accounting.
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interview someone for something

[for an employer] to discuss employment in a particular job with a person seeking employment. We will interview her for the manager's job. We will interview the rest of them for the position tomorrow.
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interview (with someone) for something

[for a person seeking employment] to discuss employment in a particular job with an employer. She interviewed with the civic opera company for a job in the business department. I interviewed with Roger for the job.
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It helps if you can make a prior visit a few days before the interview to familiarise yourself with the environment and to establish the easiest route to the venue.
The HR committee noted that the merit list after the first interview was not signed by the selection committee members, while the company's executive management decided on Sept 10 to re-interview top five candidates, who underwent interview by another selection committee, including five company officials and two external experts.
Chanakya IAS Academy's Mock Interview for UPPCS Interviews is specially designed to help these dedicated students be interview ready with best of their preparation.
In an interview with radio channel LITE, Jolley said the former prime minister's aides clearly knew she was conducting the interview and that she was the journalist the Najib administration had deported in 2015 for investigating the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.
The scrapping of the public interview, in effect, amended Rule 7 of the JBC Rules, which provides that interviews should be conducted in public by the JBC en banc for positions in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Sandiganbayan, Court of Tax Appeals, and Shari'a Appellate Court; Ombudsman, Deputy Ombudsman, and Special Prosecutor; and Chairperson and Regular Members of the Legal Education Board.
He said the oral interview is for those who had previously sat for the promotion examinations.
Making a good impression in your first interview during a job hunt is critical as your chances of landing the job greatly increase, say jobseekers in a new survey.
According to the poll, two thirds (67.1%) of MENA respondents say that they are generally asked one to five questions during a job interview, while 14.2% claim that they usually receive six to 10 questions.
The Super Bowl pregame show benefits from those ratings, and that includes the yearly interview with the President.
Phone interviews are typically utilized to prescreen a candidate to interview face-to-face at a later point in time.
(e) An interview of a child that is audiotaped or videotaped under (d) of this section shall be conducted.
A telephonic or personal interview can be efficient and economical for advancing prosecution of your patent application, or it can be a disaster for patent counsel who is unprepared or who makes potentially damaging admissions on the record.
CFOs were asked, "In which of the following job application areas do you feel candidates make the most mistakes?" Their responses: interview (43%), resume (19%), interview follow-up (11%), cover letter (10%), phone interview/screen (seven percent), and reference check (five percent).
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The decision to interview a resident must be made based on whether the resident is able to make him- or herself understood.