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intervene between (someone and someone else)

to intercede between someone and someone else. I decided to intervene between Ralph and his brother, who were arguing endlessly. There was no point in intervening between Bill and Bob.
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intervene in something

to get involved in something. I will have to intervene in this matter. It's getting out of hand. I want to intervene in this before it becomes a major problem.
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intervene with someone or something

to step into a matter concerning someone or something. Megan said she would intervene with the bank manager on our behalf. Do I need to intervene with this process?
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It's clear that the randomized controlled trial is a powerful tool for determining the usefulness of a discrete intervention such as a medication.
But they taught the two other (intervention) groups techniques to prevent weight gain (eat breakfast, exercise for an hour a day, weigh yourself daily).
13-16: Learn crucial verbal intervention skills and prevent crisis situations.
In their paper 'Second-order intervention: enhancing organizational competence and performance' Schwaninger, Janovjak and Ambroz discuss the concept of second-order intervention and set out to show its usefulness by means of an SD-based consultancy case.
If the two variables are positively correlated, we might speculate that a counseling or educational intervention that increases students' levels of attachment to school also might raise their test scores.
(1) During this research, he found that on several occasions, official government data and coroner inquest reports erroneously included deaths that occurred during police intervention with fatalities pertaining to police firearm discharges.
Next, we summarize and critique career intervention models for racial and ethnic minorities regarding the models' attention to the impact of counselors' multicultural awareness throughout the course of intervention.
At enrollment, participants were randomly assigned to one of two intervention groups (basic or enhanced); completed a baseline interview that covered their background, medical, behavioral and psychosocial characteristics; received a pelvic examination; and were taught to record information about their sexual behavior and barrier method use in a daily diary.
We included all randomized and controlled clinical trials (RCT/CCT, designs where allocation to the intervention is determined either by an explicit random process [RCT] or by a nonrandom process such as date of birth or case note number) before and after studies (a design with contemporaneous data collection before and after the intervention and an appropriate control site or activity) and interrupted time series (ITS, a clearly defined point in time when the intervention occurred and at least 3 data points before and 3 after the intervention).
19, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- A parent-targeted intervention can increase adolescent-reported frequency of parent-adolescent communication (PAC) about sexual and alcohol use behaviors, according to a study published online Aug.
One of the strongest effects the meta-analysis identified was an increase in condom use by adolescents whose parents took part in an intervention, compared to adolescents whose parents didn't participate in an intervention.
Summary: Transition from Onshore to Subsea E&P Activities to Push Well Intervention Market Growth
[UKPRwire, Wed May 22 2019] According to a recently released Fact.MR report, the global market of well intervention reached an estimated value of nearly US$ 6 billion in 2017, and is likely to expand at an impressive 6% value CAGR during the 2018-2026 period.
From January 2019, GPs can refer people with an overweight health risk to a combined lifestyle intervention. The RIVM has now recognized three interventions at the level of effectiveness in the recognition process.