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intervene between (someone and someone else)

to intercede between someone and someone else. I decided to intervene between Ralph and his brother, who were arguing endlessly. There was no point in intervening between Bill and Bob.
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intervene in something

to get involved in something. I will have to intervene in this matter. It's getting out of hand. I want to intervene in this before it becomes a major problem.
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intervene with someone or something

to step into a matter concerning someone or something. Megan said she would intervene with the bank manager on our behalf. Do I need to intervene with this process?
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It is an unacceptable catastrophe to decriminalize intervening in the judiciary in the stage of inquiry.
For the other half of trials, participants had to respond to an intervening event that was presented between the offset of T1 and the onset of T2; those trials belonged to the intervening event condition.
It is important to realize that intervening is not the same as attempting to mediate the conflict.
O intends to use the vehicle in its charitable activities, and the intended use is a significant intervening use within the meaning of Section 7.
ANOVA was used to test differences in means for the recoded intervening variables on "Grade Your Instructor" items and Information about Using WebCT items.
The court granted qualified immunity to a jail administrator and sheriff from a claim that they were deliberately indifferent by not intervening when male officers required female inmates to strip in order to receive toiletries and instigated and participated in sexual activities with inmates, because the jail administrator and sheriff did not violate any clearly established law when they did not intervene.
Keller and her colleagues contend that those intervening sediments were laid down over millennia, so the Chicxulub impact and the one associated with the dinosaur die-offs were separate events.
Starving on a Full Stomach focuses especially on three issues: the early definition of the causes of malnutrition within the context of a paternalistic state; the increasing ascendency of scientific and social scientific expertise; and, finally, the ways in which the state intervened or decided against intervening in African communities.
Rather than asking the United States to intervene to fix the problems it exacerbated by intervening in the first place, it would be better to break this vicious circle and adopt a less interventionist American foreign policy.
In addition, the intervening nation's people should support the action.
When officers are killed in the line of duty, there may be a tendency to assume that they died while intervening in felonies, transporting prisoners, or engaging in other police duties that involve them with clearly antagonistic individuals.
In another 5 months, if there's no intervening recession, we'll have the longest economic expansion since recording began in 1854," he said.
Carlo Scarpa, Architect: Intervening with History at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, 26 May - 31 October 1999.
38 amid reports that the Japanese monetary authorities were intervening heavily in Asian foreign exchange markets.
When should you infer that the causes are linked directly to the effects, and when should you infer that causes are linked to effects by passing through intervening variables?