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intervene between (someone and someone else)

to intercede between someone and someone else. I decided to intervene between Ralph and his brother, who were arguing endlessly. There was no point in intervening between Bill and Bob.
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intervene in something

to get involved in something. I will have to intervene in this matter. It's getting out of hand. I want to intervene in this before it becomes a major problem.
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intervene with someone or something

to step into a matter concerning someone or something. Megan said she would intervene with the bank manager on our behalf. Do I need to intervene with this process?
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At the end of the study, when we told participants about the true purpose of the study, many who didn't respond or who responded indirectly said that they wished they had directly intervened.
GE[micro]ktE-rk said the government was trying to protect itself from the consequences of having intervened in the Dec.
The central bank intervened as the currency dropped to a new low against the dollar on the back of regional risk.
Eighty-two is an important level for USD JPY as it is the rate the yen reached after the Group of Seven nations jointly intervened in the foreign exchange market to artificially weaken the currency," Euro Exchange Rate News reported, quoting Anthony Grech, exchange rate analyst with IG Index in London.
The central bank said, 'We intervened in the market.
We intervened in the market," the bank's Deputy Governor Hisham Ramez said by telephone, declining to specify the amount.
2 : to interfere with something so as to stop, settle, or change <I intervened in their quarrel.
One of the commission members--Archbishop Bernard Malango, primate of Central Africa--has intervened on behalf of conservative dioceses in North America.
The hot money has allowed South Africa to eliminate the negative foreign exchange position which it had developed during the 1990s when it intervened to stabilize the currency during periods of crisis, such as the transition to democracy during 1994 and the Russian default of 1998.
A sheriff's captain was demoted and forced into retirement after he intervened on behalf of a Board of Supervisors' employee who was stopped for drunk driving and allowed to go free.
Starving on a Full Stomach focuses especially on three issues: the early definition of the causes of malnutrition within the context of a paternalistic state; the increasing ascendency of scientific and social scientific expertise; and, finally, the ways in which the state intervened or decided against intervening in African communities.
And, more pressing, should the United States have intervened in any or all of these acts?
These upper-class "social reformers" intervened in families' lives based on their standards of what an American family should be.
In dealing with recent rapid movements in foreign exchange markets, we have intervened several times recently while remaining in close contact with monetary authorities in other major countries,'' he said.
Worse, French troops intervened decisively on behalf of the killers at least twice: once in 1993 to halt an incursion by the Paul Kagame-led Rwandan Patriotic Front (which might have prevented the genocide entirely) and again in 1994, allowing the Hutu leaders to escape to France and their foot soldiers to Zaire.