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at regular intervals

At an equal distance apart. Make sure to position those Christmas lights so that the flashing ones appear at regular intervals.
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at regular intervals

[of things in a series] at points that are equally distant from each other. You will find service stations at regular intervals along the highway. There are street lights at regular intervals on the main street of town.
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at (...) ˈintervals

1 with time between: Buses to the city leave at regular intervals.The runners started at 5-minute intervals.
2 with spaces between: Flaming torches were positioned at intervals along the terrace.
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at intervals

In a series separated by space or time: trees planted at intervals; coughing at intervals.
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It actually forms an interval inverse problem of suspension design in which the uncertainty of the system parameters are described by interval numbers.
1977) demonstrated that all three discontinuous observation methods had minimal error as compared to continuous recording when the observation interval was 5 s.
Adeli and colleagues present data from the CHMS-CALIPER formal reference interval study in 3 separate articles in this issue of Clinical Chemistry (2-4).
Gilbert previously served as Interval International's executive vice president of resort sales and marketing and has been instrumental in the growth of the Interval resort network and in the development and marketing of major products and programs.
Hydrogel application rates and irrigation interval effect on the amount of available water:
Conclusion: Arrhythmia frequency and severity significantly increases with an increase in QTc interval in heart failure demonstrating association of prolonged QTc interval with high risk of severe ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in chronic heart failure.
The major contribution of the work is to demonstrate the use of interval analysis as a tool for error analysis for material characterization methods.
Earlier interval training studies primarily focused on highly trained males, but researchers say that overlooks the variety of other populations that routinely use interval training.
Interval Platinum completes first year of service with around 55,000 members, and its membership includes travel-related rewards, expanded getaway and exchange perks.
For example, the M915-series vehicles produced by Freightliner, which already had a 10,000 miles or 12 months interval, remained unchanged.
Running coaches advise adding interval training to your regimen only after an initial period of baseline fitness.
Torsades de Pointes (TdP) is a form of polymorphic ventricular tachycardia specifically associated with a prolonged QT interval that may be fatal if not immediately treated (American Heart Association, 2005).
Key to this correct conceptual metaphor is that the interval is a property of a sample but not of the population.
Confidence interval estimation, in this case, may be more informative than hypothesis testing.
Laboratory test results are commonly compared to a reference interval before caregivers make physiological assessments, medical diagnoses, or management decisions.