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intertwine with (something)

1. To weave something into or through something else; to interlace or intermingle two or more things. In this usage, noun or pronoun can be used between "intertwine" and "with." When you make the bracelet, can you intertwine the pink thread with purple? Those are my daughter's favorite colors.
2. To become interlaced with two or more things. Aw man, can you hand me the scissors? The blue thread has intertwined with a few others in my sewing kit.
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intertwine something with something

to mingle or twist something together with something else. She intertwined the flowers with the sprigs of greenery, making a lovely wreath. The flowers were intertwined with sprigs of greenery.
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intertwine with something

to twist together with something else. The vines intertwined with the ropes and cables that had once held the beached raft together. The cables from the two cranes intertwined with each other, causing a serious accident.
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