intertwine with

intertwine something with something

to mingle or twist something together with something else. She intertwined the flowers with the sprigs of greenery, making a lovely wreath. The flowers were intertwined with sprigs of greenery.

intertwine with something

to twist together with something else. The vines intertwined with the ropes and cables that had once held the beached raft together. The cables from the two cranes intertwined with each other, causing a serious accident.
References in classic literature ?
He did not know that the power of loving was all the while gaining new force within him; that the new sensibilities bought by a deep experience were so many new fibres by which it was possible, nay, necessary to him, that his nature should intertwine with another.
Religious and spiritual themes intertwine with the refreshing wonder of simply being alive, and the deluxe version includes an enhanced audio/multimedia CD featuring readings of selected poems compatible with all CD players and Windows PC computers.
You can read short feature stories on family farms in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States that intertwine with the 200 mostly vegan-friendly recipes in this cookbook.
A wealth of lore concerning the famous pirate Blackbeard and his hideout intertwine with the captivating present-day adventure.
In the remaining fifteen essays legal analyses of canon and civil disputations concerning marriage (Giuliano Marchetto, "Matrimoni incerti tra dottrina e prassi" and "II 'matrimonium meticulosum'") intertwine with personal accounts that rely on individual court cases.
In this sequel to Point of Hopes, authors Scott and Barnett have deftly created a unique world where politics intertwine with entertainment.
Theresa Maggio, on the other hand, describes--very vividly--just one place --an island off the coast of Sicily--and the human lives that intertwine with the bluefin tuna caught by these fisherfolk.