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intertwine with (something)

1. To weave something into or through something else; to interlace or intermingle two or more things. In this usage, noun or pronoun can be used between "intertwine" and "with." When you make the bracelet, can you intertwine the pink thread with purple? Those are my daughter's favorite colors.
2. To become interlaced with two or more things. Aw man, can you hand me the scissors? The blue thread has intertwined with a few others in my sewing kit.
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intertwine something with something

to mingle or twist something together with something else. She intertwined the flowers with the sprigs of greenery, making a lovely wreath. The flowers were intertwined with sprigs of greenery.
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intertwine with something

to twist together with something else. The vines intertwined with the ropes and cables that had once held the beached raft together. The cables from the two cranes intertwined with each other, causing a serious accident.
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The remainder of the novel chronicles the vicissitudes of love between "a man of flesh" and "a woman of spirit" whose lives intertwine and often conflict over the decades while they build a household, develop their life work, struggle with alcoholism, and attempt to raise righteous children.
Such findings show how nature and nurture intertwine during development, say the researchers.
Jackson Jr., has written his first book, Harlemworld: Doing Race and Class in Contemporary Black America, in which he examines how race and class intertwine and subsequently impact black America in general and Harlem, in particular.
Finally, all four lie down and let their soles nudge, stack, squiggle, and intertwine in a little ballet of their own.
To get the degree of light-bending needed, it's necessary to intertwine two different polymers in the same lens.
Exaggeratedly white objects (e.g., the pillow on Freud's couch) loom out of tenebristic darkness; elsewhere, black and white intertwine in a deviously decorative Rorschach-like design, as in the triptych enlarging three details of the carpet that covered the famous couch.
infants annually, the retinopathy is caused by abnormal branching of blood vessels in the underdeveloped eye that intertwine and prevent normal vessel growth throughout the retina, which lines the eye's interior.
Taylor's newest novel takes readers back to the 19th-century London of Shadowmancer where fantasy and fact intertwine, creating a dark world where both angels and demons lurk among the shadows.
A bit confusing at the start, this tale becomes more intriguing as the characters develop and their stories intertwine. There's a nice bit of romance and family values, too.
A pair of dancers intertwine and partnering is pushed to its limit so that their bodies become a primeval tangle.
In this tale set on an atoll of the Marshall Islands, the mythological and mundane intertwine in the lives of natives and Americans.
While the colors and lines intertwine and seem to pull together from sheer density, the faintly drawn head, partially erased and set apart from the central rectangular composition spills a series of diagrammatic lines out of its mouth echoing one of the two sculptures in the show, Untitled (Nerves) No.
Through a series of flashbacks from both William and Morrison, the story begins to intertwine and it becomes apparent that Morrison is pursuing William for more than just a bounty.