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intersperse something among something

to place something among things at random. We interspersed a few chocolate dough nuts among all the plain ones. Some chocolate ones had been interspersed among the plain ones.
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intersperse something between something

to place things between other things, perhaps regularly or in a pattern. We interspersed an onion plant between each pair of plants. Onions had been interspersed between every two marigold plants.
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intersperse something throughout something

to put things throughout something. He interspersed recommendations for a better life throughout the book. Good advice had been interspersed throughout the book.

intersperse something with something

to provide or bestow something with something. You should intersperse some red flowers with the orange ones. The book was interspersed with good advice.
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Finally, the evident lack of adhesive and rubber interspersion would indicate one or both components had achieved sufficient viscosity to resist flow.
First, the historical and descriptive tone does not warrant the indiscriminate interspersion of econometric models and precludes the establishment of a well-defined audience.
However, management of suitable vegetation-water interspersion in such water areas may be complicated by plant dominants such as cattail (Typha spp.
The interspersion of these songs throughout the volume adds to its complexity and richness, and it reproduces the poet's own struggle to negotiate different worlds and different traditions, to remain empowered by his own ancestral background and history without being blind to the despair and poverty of many contemporary Indian communities.
These activities would likely create a landscape characterized by interspersion of environmentally enhanced and degraded areas.
Refusing a teleological or deterministic philosophy of history, Redgauntlet presents a complex and heterogeneous vision of the past, not as the triumphant linear progression towards the present so dear to Whig historians, but as the interspersion and collision of disparate desires and ambitions.
Upgraded support for GDB/MI mixed-code disassembly and interspersion of disassembled code with sources is included and improved multi-language debug support for C and Ada code are also provided to speed cross language test cycles.
Competing models indicated that standard deviation of the perimeter-area ratio of agricultural patches, interspersion and juxtaposition index of grassland patches, coefficent of variation of the proximity index of forest patches and relative patch richness of the landscape affected gray fox relative abundance.
The beautiful Georgian architecture is a draw in itself but as important is the interspersion of creative enterprises that are making their home in the once neglected parts of this city centre quarter.
Several important elements influencing habitat use by moose were not incorporated in this HSI model including mineral licks, diversity of wetland cover types, winter cover, spatial patterns of interspersion of food and cover resources, and human disturbance (Allen et al.
Summer ranges of deer from Round Valley are adjacent to those of deer that winter on the west side of the Sierra Nevada and interspersion of both deer herds occurs (Jordan 1967), as it does between other migratory deer from the west and east sides of that mountain range (Loft et al.
Interspersion was the only variable significantly related to waterfowl abundance, with greater interspersion associated with greater waterfowl numbers.
As for remaining themes, they are emphasized, in turn, by their interspersion with the novelist's trademark historical asides.
serpentina and Chrysemys picta marginata, which benefit from the interspersion of open water and emergent marsh.
Interspersion of lakes with and without pelvic reduction, wide distribution of pelvic reduction throughout the two areas sampled, and the limited time for dispersal all make it likely that high frequencies of pelvic reduction have evolved in place many times.