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intersperse something among something

to place something among things at random. We interspersed a few chocolate dough nuts among all the plain ones. Some chocolate ones had been interspersed among the plain ones.
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intersperse something between something

to place things between other things, perhaps regularly or in a pattern. We interspersed an onion plant between each pair of plants. Onions had been interspersed between every two marigold plants.
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intersperse something throughout something

to put things throughout something. He interspersed recommendations for a better life throughout the book. Good advice had been interspersed throughout the book.

intersperse something with something

to provide or bestow something with something. You should intersperse some red flowers with the orange ones. The book was interspersed with good advice.
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Interspersed repeats account for a significant fraction of mammalian genomes, and some of these elements are still actively mobile.
Automated high-throughput genotyping for study of global epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis based on mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units.
But interspersed in this devotional is another work entirely--one in which Wills analyzes the Tintoretto paintings for what they have to say about the meaning and power of the gospel.
Gay stand-up perennials like sports, the Boy Scouts, crystal meth use, and airline travel are interspersed with Ant's trying to wring humor out of interaction with the audience.
Big, beautiful photographs from space missions, land telescopes, and other sources are interspersed with detailed sky maps and information-packed text.
The nighttime plantings will also be interspersed with daytime genuses for beauty throughout the day.
Profiles of companies like Internet portal Sina, computer maker Lenovo and home appliance firm Haier are interspersed with lessons that each of their leaders offers to outside entrants.
The instructional level, a measure of optimal instructional challenge, addresses the amount of review material interspersed with new.
These are arranged along the western edge of the site to form an open piazza, interspersed with a network of pedestrian paths and streets.
The full-color photos perfectly capture the breathtaking beauty of North America's highest peak (20,320 feet); stunning imagery of clouds seen from above and mountain faces at sunset are interspersed with glimpses of dedicated climbers.
Salsa bled into lunges, interspersed by hip hop and spoken word, evoking the essence of the city.
Police investigators were able to determine the identity of the owner from paperwork interspersed with the cash.
Interspersed are observations, some from the diaries they kept, that put the photographs in context and make it clear that Beckwith and Fisher gained familiarity and insight into the significance of all that they witnessed,
Readings, psalms, and other prayers dedicated to those in the healthcare profession are also interspersed throughout the healing service.
It's a bunch of great skate flicks interspersed with random outer space/Star Wars pictures and words.