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intersperse something among something

to place something among things at random. We interspersed a few chocolate dough nuts among all the plain ones. Some chocolate ones had been interspersed among the plain ones.
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intersperse something between something

to place things between other things, perhaps regularly or in a pattern. We interspersed an onion plant between each pair of plants. Onions had been interspersed between every two marigold plants.
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intersperse something throughout something

to put things throughout something. He interspersed recommendations for a better life throughout the book. Good advice had been interspersed throughout the book.

intersperse something with something

to provide or bestow something with something. You should intersperse some red flowers with the orange ones. The book was interspersed with good advice.
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In humans, interspersed repeats account for approximately 44 per cent of the entire genome sequence.
Sensitivities and specificities of spoligotyping and mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit-variable-number tandem repeat typing methods for studying molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis.
They labeled this appropriate level of challenge the instructional level, a term first corned by Betts (1946), and theorized that it involved presenting a child with enough review material interspersed with new material to be adequately challenging without being frustrating.
Readings, psalms, and other prayers dedicated to those in the healthcare profession are also interspersed throughout the healing service.
It's a bunch of great skate flicks interspersed with random outer space/Star Wars pictures and words.
George Pressler: "The floor-plan integrates nature via the interspersed courtyards and single-loaded corridors, creating a variety of environments for meditation and small group interactions.
Both Introduction and Commentary, like the facsimile itself, are printed on high-quality paper and are interspersed with numerous color illustrations.
The story of Morton's research of whale sounds and mannerisms is evenly and smoothly interspersed with the story of her life.
Smaller etchings interspersed within the text come from the original image and focus on particular objects, unfolding a fascinating story of the woodland's history, as if it were written on the land.
Over 125 illustrations and 98 musical examples are interspersed throughout the narrative.
Interspersed with the story of Youngblood's spiritual, emotional and intellectual journeys are accounts of the tribulations and triumphs of his congregants.
It so happens that Jeremy is a keen observer of nature, and an artist--so the text is interspersed with drawings of birds.
Instead, Doerksen considers the influence and rise of the independent radio station--whose audiences had no aversion to broadcast advertising, which interspersed jazz and popular songs for publishers with ads.