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intersperse something among something

to place something among things at random. We interspersed a few chocolate dough nuts among all the plain ones. Some chocolate ones had been interspersed among the plain ones.
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intersperse something between something

to place things between other things, perhaps regularly or in a pattern. We interspersed an onion plant between each pair of plants. Onions had been interspersed between every two marigold plants.
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intersperse something throughout something

to put things throughout something. He interspersed recommendations for a better life throughout the book. Good advice had been interspersed throughout the book.

intersperse something with something

to provide or bestow something with something. You should intersperse some red flowers with the orange ones. The book was interspersed with good advice.
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Intersperse has been providing those solutions to the market for the past two years, significantly reducing the risks in deploying mission critical SOA based applications across the enterprise.
0 release, Intersperse Manager exceeds these requirements on a number of fronts, growing to become a comprehensive SOA applications and systems management platform fully capable of enterprise scale deployment.
Prior to Intersperse, Udoutch served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of CommerceOne, where he was responsible for growing the Americas organization from 40 to over 1200 employees and annual sales from $6M to $200M.
BEA Validation means that Intersperse can offer unique and powerful solutions for the delivery of mission critical applications in a J2EE environment.
Milani added, "With previous versions already proven in over 50 large IT environments, Intersperse Manager 3.
At the conference, Intersperse will exhibit Intersperse Manager 2.
He brings to Intersperse more than 15 years of distributed systems architecture, product design and development experience spanning the evolution of distributed systems, from early days of client/server through OSFDCE, OSI, EDI, EAI, CORBA, J2EE and Web services/SOA.
To heighten the tension of the 10 originals, Rice also intersperses full-throated vocal passages with flashes of piercing falsetto voice.
The fourth collection of poems by Jared Carter, Cross This Bridge At A Walk intersperses verse with the rare snippet of musical notation, allowing for a deeper combined experience for those skilled at reading music without disrupting the poetic flow for those who prefer to immerse themselves in words.