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interpret (something) as (something)

To infer, assume, or believe that something has a particular meaning. Don't interpret this as some big rejection—he can't go because he's busy, that's all. You know Aunt Marie—she interprets everything as a slight.
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interpret away

To use a particular reading or analysis of something to try to minimize or dismiss an aspect of it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interpret" and "away." I hate when people try to interpret away the very important sociopolitical themes in his poetry. Are you trying to interpret these sections away because they conflict with your thesis?
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interpret for (someone)

1. To serve as a translator for someone, especially between people who speak different languages. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interpret" and "for." Leonard interpreted for me so that I could respond to the French reporters' questions. Can you interpret the French reporters' questions for me?
2. By extension, to help someone to make sense of or understand something confusing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interpret" and "for." Hey, can you interpret Joe's email for me? I have no idea what he's talking about.
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interpret for someone

to translate speech in a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Nina interpreted for Michael, since he understood very little Russian. Is there someone who can interpret for me?
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interpret something as something

to assume that something means something. Don't interpret what I just said as criticism. It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say.
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interpret something for someone

1. to translate a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Couldyou interpret the ambassador's address for me? Nina interpreted the director's greetings for the visitors.
2. to explain something unclear to someone. Let me interpret the instructions for you. The instructions have been interpreted for me by the manager.
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Meanwhile, 'Sugarol' composed by Jan Sabili and interpreted by Maris Racal bagged three special awards: MOR's Choice, TFC's Global Choice for Favorite Song and MYX Choice for Best Music Video.
[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Word-for-word translation: The financial crisis and the European debt crisis still have impact and pressure.] Interpreted version: The financial crisis in the world and the European debt crisis still have impact, adverse impact on Hong Kong and the pressure is still there.
* "Putting the cart before the horse." This could be interpreted as an attack on dark horses--something that easily could be misinterpreted and should be avoided at all costs.
Historical criticism simply means that a text is best interpreted within its historical context.
Funk and the Jesus Seminar that the scriptures have to be interpreted backward from the resurrection, as is shown in John 2:13-22; Mark 12:18-27; Luke 24:13-35.
In refuting the liberal-activist idea that the words "a well regulated Militia" in the Second Amendment are meant to confine the "right" to people in the regular military, the OLC notes that what this section of the amendment actually does, if it's interpreted as it would have been in the days of the Founding, is to justify the necessity of arming the populace-at-large.
Most major medical centers, health care providers, and many individual physicians now dictate directly to their computers, or to computer connected handheld recorders or telephone systems where their dictation is interpreted into text.
Moderate physiological arousal enhances performance, if interpreted by the student as alertness or preparedness.
Society might benefit from oxygen tanks in homes, but that does not mean that homeowners policies must be interpreted to cover the cost of oxygen tanks.
'However," says Schlesinger, "if we have an extremely robust system that can pick up gestures anywhere in the car and you tend to talk a lot with your hands, then that could be an issue." One way around that is to designate a specific gesture as a cue that tells the system that the motions to follow are to be interpreted as commands.
His archeological discovery forever revolutionized the way in which Neandertal social behavior and complexity is now interpreted.
This combination enables her to interpret her texts in order to describe how curious individuals were interpreted. Thus nexuses are drawn throughout the book between patterns of consumption, monstrosities, and appetite (both literal and figurative) as signifiers of the threat that curious individuals posed to established cultural norms.
The convicted administrator interpreted guidelines one way, state authorities interpreted them another, and the courts interpreted them yet a third way.
While these examples contribute to an emerging picture of instructional decision-making, they cannot be interpreted as a complete or defining picture of this notion.
She interpreted the works as having been shaped by the artist's experiences and by her peculiar status as a female painter in Baroque Italy.
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