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interpret (something) as (something)

To infer, assume, or believe that something has a particular meaning. Don't interpret this as some big rejection—he can't go because he's busy, that's all. You know Aunt Marie—she interprets everything as a slight.
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interpret away

To use a particular reading or analysis of something to try to minimize or dismiss an aspect of it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interpret" and "away." I hate when people try to interpret away the very important sociopolitical themes in his poetry. Are you trying to interpret these sections away because they conflict with your thesis?
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interpret for (someone)

1. To serve as a translator for someone, especially between people who speak different languages. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interpret" and "for." Leonard interpreted for me so that I could respond to the French reporters' questions. Can you interpret the French reporters' questions for me?
2. By extension, to help someone to make sense of or understand something confusing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "interpret" and "for." Hey, can you interpret Joe's email for me? I have no idea what he's talking about.
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interpret for someone

to translate speech in a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Nina interpreted for Michael, since he understood very little Russian. Is there someone who can interpret for me?
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interpret something as something

to assume that something means something. Don't interpret what I just said as criticism. It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say.
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interpret something for someone

1. to translate a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Couldyou interpret the ambassador's address for me? Nina interpreted the director's greetings for the visitors.
2. to explain something unclear to someone. Let me interpret the instructions for you. The instructions have been interpreted for me by the manager.
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The performer outputs interpretable representations in a spatial, temporal, and causal parse graph (STC-PG) for three-dimensional scene perception (for analytics) and task planning (for autonomy).
Running PCA should keep only one or maximum two PCs that highly represent the initial data, while scaling should make the values highly interpretable. The final two steps - correlation of distances with scaled PC values and rebuilding for evaluation the initial classification model - provide a sound evidence on the quality and interpretability of the obtained scaled PC values and associated classification model.
Because VAE and GAN frameworks have been popularly used in generative modeling, many models for learning disentangled or interpretable representations based on them have been proposed [13, 16, 17].
[29], and Kocev and Dzeroski [33] demonstrating that MTRTs are generally smaller in size and more interpretable than STRTs.
This way, valued features in Chomsky (2001) are taken to be interpretable features and, similarly, unvalued features are analysed as being intrinsically uninterpretable features.
This is a two-volume documentary reader presenting the perspectives of American Indians (either in the voices of American Indians themselves or as interpretable through other accounts) on the history of North America.
Although similar observations had already been made in the colonies of European countries, it was only with Hansen's discovery of the pathogen that the observations became interpretable. Together, the two studies allowed him to make the conclusion that leprosy is caused by bacteria and that it is a contagious disease.
For all concentrations tested, yeast samples yielded interpretable histograms that could be gated and used to calculate yeast size and concentration.
by merely tidying up the land or running a pipe across it, should not be interpretable as in active use.
I would recommend a Bayesian hierarchical modeling approach that allows one to use simple, easily interpretable estimates of the relevant parameters [4].
It helps readers to develop skills that allow them to generate interpretable readings of new or unusual words.
The design spells out strategies the researcher adopts to gather accurate, objective, and interpretable information (Polit & Beck, 2007).
Regression-based approaches using continuous real-time mobile measurements may be able to characterize spatio temporal variability in traffic-related pollutant concentrations, but require methods to incorporate temporally varying meteorology and source strength in a physically interpretable fashion.
The average age of the women was 25 years, and each had at least two interpretable ultrasounds.