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interpret for someone

to translate speech in a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Nina interpreted for Michael, since he understood very little Russian. Is there someone who can interpret for me?
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interpret something as something

to assume that something means something. Don't interpret what I just said as criticism. It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say.
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interpret something for someone

1. to translate a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Couldyou interpret the ambassador's address for me? Nina interpreted the director's greetings for the visitors.
2. to explain something unclear to someone. Let me interpret the instructions for you. The instructions have been interpreted for me by the manager.
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Some readers may not be aware that it, too, is an assumption like any other, made for convenience and interpretability rather than explicitly grounded in a theory.
This study was designed with an interest in maximum generalizability and interpretability by studying two common interpolation methods (linear vs cubic spline interpolation) for their effect on features extracted from the pressure map.
While FAS 157 provides a clearer definition of fair value and considerably expanded guidance specifying how fair value should be measured than prior GAAP, the current market illiquidity has raised significant challenges for the interpretability of this definition and guidance.
The investigators performed the meta-analysis because recent reports have raised concerns that these agents may raise cardiovascular risks They used a statistical technique known as network meta-analysis to examine both direct, head-to-head comparison studies and indirect evidence, "thus increasing the power and interpretability of a comparative analysis.
This is problematic because it challenges both the user friendliness of the scale and the interpretability of responses.
2) At the same time, two main goals are considered for rule extraction: one is maximizing accuracy and the other one is minimizing complexity, which means that a good interpretability for rules.
From the results of model 1, it is found that the exchange rate fluctuations of the lagged one-period and two-period returns have a significant and positive interpretability on gold returns.
To increase interpretability of the classes, the percentage of students within each class was examined across each item on the in-class behavior assessment.
Although this transformation has long been standard procedure in analyzing proportional data in ecology, logistic regression has greater interpretability and higher power than transformation in data containing binomial and non-binomial response variables (Warton & Hui 2011).
8220;The EO payload was an adaptation of HoodTech's field-proven Alticam 09EO1 product that offers National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale (NIIRS) level 9 for airborne imagery from a 4,200 ft slant range, along with a continuous zoom MWIR payload based upon our Alticam 09MWIR2 product.
I am concerned about its integrity and moral value and interpretability.
A lot of effort has been invested into increasing the interpretability of complex models such as artificial neural networks [2, 21].
Interpretability is a very important property, and those traditional training methods for extracting fuzzy rules that suffer from lack of interpretability have an unnecessary number of rules (Eftekhari et al.
We chose the final model containing three classes after considering the Model-Fit indices and the interpretability of the results.
while not displaying the intellectually labyrinthine approach to Apuleius pioneered by John Winkler in Auctor & Actor (1985), does demand that we closely follow his argument and evidence for the interpretability of The Golden Ass.