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interpret for someone

to translate speech in a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Nina interpreted for Michael, since he understood very little Russian. Is there someone who can interpret for me?
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interpret something as something

to assume that something means something. Don't interpret what I just said as criticism. It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say.
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interpret something for someone

1. to translate a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Couldyou interpret the ambassador's address for me? Nina interpreted the director's greetings for the visitors.
2. to explain something unclear to someone. Let me interpret the instructions for you. The instructions have been interpreted for me by the manager.
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The accounting profession has begun to address the need for investors and others to have sufficient information and education to interpret the new internal control reports under Section 404 and related SEC and PCAOB rules.
On the other hand, if the voice recognition software is unable to recognize and properly interpret the words spoken, users can become increasingly frustrated and concerned that they cannot accomplish their task.
Unlike many other sensor systems which capture specific pressures within specific ranges at given moments in time (almost like taking a Polaroid), CTPSS records and interprets contact force in real time.
The chance of making a random gesture that the system would interpret as a command is currently kept low by limiting the field of view of the camera to a relatively narrow space.
Throughout she analyzes and interprets both well-known authors like Jonathan Swift, Daniel Defoe, and Alexander Pope, and more obscure writers including Aphra Behn, Delariviere Manley, and Bonnell Thornton.
If 5 administrators and 5 surveyors interpret the same guideline, it might result in 10 different interpretations --interpretation is a subjective process, which often leads to contradictory opinions.
In this study, I investigated instructional decisions as part of a study of the processes used by middle school students to interpret dynamic physical models of functions and to link their interpretations to tables and equations.
One could equally well interpret this development, however, as the patriciate's victory to fashion the doge not as ruler but as primus inter pares.
Effective photojournalists interpret, rather than record, the news by expressing values that all of us share as human beings.
How else can one interpret the victimization of a whole captive and defenseless nation, with a no-holds-barred assault on their lives, lands, rights, freedoms, and aspirations?
The novel's plot juxtaposes two opposing sets of characters--the residents of Ruby and the Convent inhabitants--who frequently interpret each other.
Organizations using current KDD tools have found that a single expert is not sufficient to interpret the novel patterns discovered by data mining.
Because they constitute working law, GCMs are useful to CPAs as a research tool to interpret the code consistently.
Like the Christian right, many of our black Christian churches believe that the ideal nation is a theocracy in which only heterosexual men interpret and execute God's will.
This mysterious capacity to interpret and create is at the core of what it means to be human.