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interpret for someone

to translate speech in a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Nina interpreted for Michael, since he understood very little Russian. Is there someone who can interpret for me?
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interpret something as something

to assume that something means something. Don't interpret what I just said as criticism. It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say.
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interpret something for someone

1. to translate a foreign language for someone. (Interpreting is done in real time.) Couldyou interpret the ambassador's address for me? Nina interpreted the director's greetings for the visitors.
2. to explain something unclear to someone. Let me interpret the instructions for you. The instructions have been interpreted for me by the manager.
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The "expert" or "very experienced interpreters" demonstrated a much more complex understanding of the interpreting requirements and applied more highly analytical cognitive processes when preparing (TAPs) to interpret.
All of us--the accounting profession, Congress, the SEC, PCAOB and other capital market participants--must do a better job educating the public on the internal controls reporting process: what it means and how to best interpret it.
Gesture interface uses a camera to recognize and interpret simple hand gestures to control vehicle functions like entertainment or climate controls.
The more staff knows about interpretive guidelines for preventing abuse, the less surveyors will have to interpret during an abuse prohibition review.
One of the purposes of this investigation was to describe and analyze the instructional decisions I made during a series of instruction episodes aimed at examining the processes used by middle school students to interpret dynamic physical models of functions and to link their interpretations to tables and equations.
Just out of art school in 1983, Weimer attended one of my workshops and went on to build a career in photojournalism based on her ability to interpret news and events by consistently capturing expressive human values on film.
How else can one interpret this incessant shelling, pounding, beating of a people who have nowhere to go beyond their homes and whose very homes are being demolished, burned, and besieged?
The quarrel between the Morgans and the Fleetwoods arises over how to interpret K.
Organizations using current KDD tools have found that a single expert is not sufficient to interpret the novel patterns discovered by data mining.
Because they constitute working law, GCMs are useful to CPAs as a research tool to interpret the code consistently.
Like the Christian right, many of our black Christian churches believe that the ideal nation is a theocracy in which only heterosexual men interpret and execute God's will.
However, where the contract language is ambiguous, one must determine the intent -- and thereby interpret the contract -- by other means.
The Supreme Court has now made clear how it will interpret the term "employee" when it is not expressly defined.
Interpret, a leading entertainment, media and technology market research firm, today released its initial findings from GameByte[TM], a syndicated study designed to understand cross-platform digital gaming adoption and behavior in key global markets.
With the ability to interpret in over 200 languages, InDemand was the perfect partner to translate the key documents for Girl Scouts of Western Washington.