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interpose someone or something between people or things

to put someone or something between people or things, in any combination. I do not wish to interpose Randy between the twins. We will not interpose our own standards between these two warring factions.
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interpose something in (to) something

to introduce something into something; to put a question into a conversation. The chairman interposed a question into the discussion. May I interpose an observation in the proceedings?
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The one thing each of these "solutions" has in common is a product-centric model: each aims to insert or implant itself--as an interposing box into a process.
Makati RTC issued comments interposing no objection to transfer of Napoles to BJMP," Martires said in a text message.
When a manual substation is converted to supervisory control, the manual Series 24 CSR can be directly retrofitted into a SCADA-compatible breaker control switch, replacing interposing relays and associated wiring.
Versions are now available that can plug directly into a PLC in order to provide an interposing relay.
Having identified the tax-motivated reasons for interposing an S corporation, what is the business purpose?
2-mm-wide interface, is available with a one-pole (SPDT) relay or one normally open solid-state relay and offers reduced space requirements and installation costs for a variety of high-density isolation and interposing applications.
Interposing hills may have also blocked sounds so well that a Confederate commander didn't hear an artillery barrage that was to signal him to attack Union lines.
This principle is often supplemented by the clause contained in the standard form commercial leases prohibiting the tenant from interposing counterclaims in a summary proceeding.
In addition, it produced "distinctive sounds, interposing scraper noise, overlaying the music with solos in different keys, and alternating the drumbeat.
The daughter of Powhatan, she was perhaps no more than twelve or thirteen when she rescued <IR> JOHN SMITH </IR> by interposing her head between his and the warriors' clubs that would smash it.
But IT wants out from under the essentially clerical duty of editing content and navigation, and business managers realize time and money are wasted by interposing an IT 'middleman' between content authors and audience experts and the Web.
The PSR-FSP2/2xl and PSR-FSP/2xl process safety relays are described by the company as safe interposing relays specifically designed to operate with fail-safe controls in process applications.
The low-impedance output signal can be recorded directly on tape or monitored with a VTVM or oscilloscope with no additional interposing electronics required.
When a manual substation is converted to supervisory control, the CSR can be directly retrofitted to an existing manual breaker control switch, replacing interposing relays and associated wiring as well.
Some of the adverse effects of this requirement can be avoided by interposing a holding company into the transaction.