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interpose someone or something between people or things

to put someone or something between people or things, in any combination. I do not wish to interpose Randy between the twins. We will not interpose our own standards between these two warring factions.

interpose something in (to) something

to introduce something into something; to put a question into a conversation. The chairman interposed a question into the discussion. May I interpose an observation in the proceedings?
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Xilinx presented a paper that discussed the improved reliability obtained for the large silicon interposer using polymer core solder balls.
For example, Atotech and Georgia Tech demonstrated fine feature (3 to 5[micro]m RDL) for panel-based interposers.
The "interposer set" consists of a top interposer and a bottom interposer.
Next-generation high density semiconductor packaging is a promising solution for smaller and higher-function mobile devices, and the key to realize such advanced technology is interposer technologies that interconnect the Si chip and the printed circuit board.
An interposer connects silicon memory chips and printed-circuit boards with electrodes.
Silicon interposer technology is more than a bridge technology; it is a vital component for heterogeneous system integration.
This solution overcomes edge-cooling limitations, but remains constrained by the resistance to thermal conduction between the chip and the solid body of the interposer.
a supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, has introduced a new Mini Card Interposer for the Summit(TM) PCI Express Protocol Analyzer product line.
Agilent Technologies and Nexus Technology have made available their DDR3-1867 DIMM and DDR3-1600 SODIMM slot interposer test solutions.
By combining Emulex's BR-2401-based multi-protocol tiered storage interposer circuit board with its ETERNUS storage systems, Fujitsu enables customers to combine Fibre Channel and SATA disk drives within the same enclosure, allowing for maximum system flexibility, the company said.
The 28 papers cover fabricating the circuits; modeling, simulating, and scaling integrated devices; applications; through-wafer interconnects for packaging and interposer applications; bonding technology; and enabling processes.
In addition, the Aficio MP 5500/MP 6500/MP 7500 Series enables users to create professional documents effortlessly with advanced finishing options such as a cover interposer, a 100-sheet staple finisher, a booklet finisher, a Z-fold unit that cuts down over-sized documents to a more convenient size, and a two or three-hole punch unit.
The module runs within CrosStor's StakFS framework, a file system interposer that currently supports most Unix platforms, Microsoft Windows NT and CrosStor's storage operating systems.
Because the chips do not have to be connected to the package through a silicon interposer with TSVs, there is nothing to potentially degrade their performance.