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interpose (one, oneself, or something) between (someone or something)

To place one, oneself, or something between someone or something. I interposed myself between the cat and the door so that she couldn't make a run for it.
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interpose (something) in(to) (something)

To introduce something into a particular situation. Please don't interpose your thoughts into this meeting, OK? You're just supposed to be observing.
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interpose someone or something between people or things

to put someone or something between people or things, in any combination. I do not wish to interpose Randy between the twins. We will not interpose our own standards between these two warring factions.

interpose something in (to) something

to introduce something into something; to put a question into a conversation. The chairman interposed a question into the discussion. May I interpose an observation in the proceedings?
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The final night session discussed the latest advances in organic interposers, including insight into Kyocera and Shinko Electric's paths to less than 5 pm line width and spaces in organic substrates.
Once this assembly process is complete, an "interposer sandwich" has been created.
Zhong, "Through silicon via interposer for millimetre wave applications," Proc.
For the commercialization of ultra-thin glass interposers, the via-fill technology has been needed and this investment will help AGC to put its innovative product into practical use.
IME has performed important research on many aspects of 3D IC technology including Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs), cooling, interconnects and interposers, while Tezzaron has focused on designing and building wafer-stacked 3D-ICs in its FaStack(R) process.
The first implementations of this new paradigm will likely involve microchanneled interposers, since the wiring in interposes lets engineers connect chips whose inputs and outputs would not ordinarily match up.
Interposer design provides flexibility and ease of use for testing and digital validation of different DDR3 DIMMs or SODIMMs;
The module runs within CrosStor's StakFS framework, a file system interposer that currently supports most Unix platforms, Microsoft Windows NT and CrosStor's storage operating systems.
And faced with challenging PCB interposer layout due to irregular routing patterns and signal integrity constraints, Intel engineers introduced a router using AI and ML at PCB West last year.
The interposer isn't necessarily difficult to manufacture, but the design of the interposer is still challenging-companies have to balance signal length, power consumption, and cross talk.
The future of organic interposers. At the workshop on Global Interposer Technology held at Georgia Tech in November, companies debated the future of interposers in 2.5D applications.
Laminated semiconductors are produced by vertically stacking semiconductor chips for enhanced performance, and are connected to a printed circuit board via an interposer. This interposer needs many holes with a diameter of about 50 micrometers to connect through-electrodes of semiconductors.
They pointed out that TSMC, the world's No.1 pure silicon foundry, will begin next year offering 28nm 3D process technologies including silicon interposer, bump on trace (BOT) and through silicon via (TSV) to vie for contracts for making processors based on ARM-developed architecture.
In addition, with the advent of the new U4154A, the company is announcing Interposer support for DDR3 2133 1.5v for its FS2352B product.
Other new programs will address 65nm, 40nm and 28nm analog, mixed-signal and RF design methodologies while a third direction tackles multi-die packaging through 2-D/3-D IC design methodology, innovative silicon interposer and through silicon via (TSV) manufacturing capabilities.