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interpose someone or something between people or things

to put someone or something between people or things, in any combination. I do not wish to interpose Randy between the twins. We will not interpose our own standards between these two warring factions.

interpose something in (to) something

to introduce something into something; to put a question into a conversation. The chairman interposed a question into the discussion. May I interpose an observation in the proceedings?
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interposed Renee, "I trust your wishes will not prosper, and that Providence will only permit petty offenders, poor debtors, and miserable cheats to fall into M.
2 underground, Square 9 x 9 m in clear large storage tanks, Each with 350 m 3 net capacity and an interposed pump and piping cellar, - 2 aboveground, Round 9 m reactors with a diameter of 350 m 3 and a service building with switchgear room arranged between them.
The National Museum interposed no objection to the submitted plans and design for the project,' said Josine Estuye of the DPWH Public Information Division.
Instead of filing the comment, state prosecutors led by Archimedes Mabanat has manifested during the hearing of the multiple murder case that the prosecution interposed no objections to transfer said accused to PGH Toxicology department.
Cartilage interposed between the prosthesis and tympanic membrane has been employed to decrease the chance of extrusion by providing a rigid autologous surface that prevents scarring of the tympanic membrane to the prosthesis.
Modern readers might find the blend of Australian settings interposed with fairies a little twee in an age of computer generated mechanical and fantasy monsters but young readers will still be enchanted by the wonder of the story written by Ida's husband.
These features are achieved through the use of a mixing screw and an exact piston injection with an interposed actively operated stop valve.
has obtained a metallic article having a thermal barrier coating system thereon, comprised of a metallic substrate having a composition comprised of nickel; and a thermal barrier coating on a surface of the metallic substrate, the thermal barrier coating comprised of, a metal-ceramic mixture, the metal-ceramic mixture comprised of yttria stabilized zirconia dispersed with aluminum particles, nickel-aluminum inter-metallic phases interposed between the metal-ceramic mixture and the surface of the metallic substrate, the nickel-aluminum intermetallic phases formed by a diffusion process between the metal-ceramic mixture and the metallic substrate.
He has acongenital defect, cloacal exstrophy, in which an area of intestinal mucosa is interposed between two separate areas of urinary bladder
1 where a interposed sheet is fixed to the ultrasonic vibration body called the horn and works between the two workpieces (19).
I heard a Fly buzz--when I died-- The Stillness in the Room Was like the Stillness in the Air-- Between the Heaves of Storm-- The Eyes around--had wrung them dry-- And Breaths were gathering firm For that last Onset--when the King Be witnessed--in the Room-- I willed my Keepsakes--Signed away What portion of me be Assignable--and then it was There interposed a Fly-- With Blue--uncertain--stumbling Buzz-- Between the light--and me-- And then the Windows failed--and then I could not see to see-- #591F (1863)
1 : to put between two or more things <He interposed himself between the fighting boys.
interposed Alvin with one of his world-embracing Alvin grins.
With a plethora of late substutions which used all seven men on their bench, Stourbridge lost some shape and conceded two tries, both converted by Richard McKeown, interposed by a second Hughes' penalty in the final 15 minutes
The Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority interposed the recalcitrant worker defense, arguing that proper safety equipment and training were made available to Cahill, but that he purposely avoided using them.