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interpose (one, oneself, or something) between (someone or something)

To place one, oneself, or something between someone or something. I interposed myself between the cat and the door so that she couldn't make a run for it.
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interpose (something) in(to) (something)

To introduce something into a particular situation. Please don't interpose your thoughts into this meeting, OK? You're just supposed to be observing.
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interpose someone or something between people or things

to put someone or something between people or things, in any combination. I do not wish to interpose Randy between the twins. We will not interpose our own standards between these two warring factions.

interpose something in (to) something

to introduce something into something; to put a question into a conversation. The chairman interposed a question into the discussion. May I interpose an observation in the proceedings?
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The court commented that: consistent with the plain language of the applicable Georgia Statute, the court's most recent authorities interpreting the statute have allowed appellate review of a trial court's failure to rebuke a prosecutor or give a curative instruction where defense counsel did nothing more than interpose an objection to the prosecutor's improper statements.
The word ''interpose'' is a yellow flag in the history of state and federal relations.
While Pynchon "easily reconciled himself to the loss of the prisoner, he felt the necessity of taking instant and efficient measures to subdue to becoming deference and obedience, the rash and lawless girl, who had dared to interpose between justice and its victim" (121).
"...[The] legislature is without authority to interpose its particular air quality control enforcement preferences under these circumstances."
Tim Baker artfully allows each of the actors to interpose and interact with each other, taking turns to narrate or adopt the part of his characters,both men and women.
Two primary reasons motivate taxpayers to interpose an S corporation between themselves and LLC ownership.
Gentlemen on the other side, with tearful solicitude for our Constitution, and knowing our tender regard for that majestic instrument, interpose it as a bar....
We all know that book designers never read the grey matter making up that boring stuff we readers call text, but this person has decided to interpose ridiculous 'artistic' lines all over the place.
Hancock Bank has successfully introduced InteliData Technologies' Interpose Bill Payment Suite in an ASP environment.
That customers are the essential part of profit is a reality that sometimes has difficulty penetrating the layers of intermediaries who interpose themselves over time.
Dare it selfe to interpose; Cynthias shining orbe was made
Such rare pianists as Schiff and Sherman are dramatic without being theatrical in their interpretations, which is to say that between the inescapably physical art of mastering the keyboard and the audience, they interpose a body of tempering, self-conscious thought that frames the concert interestingly, thereby presenting it as something more than a feat .of freakish acrobatics.